5 Ways to Relax at Work with Colleagues

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relax at workAugust 15 is National Relaxation Day. We want to help you recognize this national holiday a day early, and at the office. Staying relaxed in the office can do wonders for your productivity, health, relationships and overall work/life balance. Here are five easy ways to start relaxing at the office with your colleagues!

1) Share Pleasantries with Coworkers

We are all guilty of a little water cooler office gossip. Today, try sharing some good news with your coworkers. Something positive that has happened in your life and a sincere compliment can boost everyone’s mood. The happier you and your colleagues are the more relaxed your day will be. Go ahead, try it!

2) Ask a Colleague to Lunch

Make someone’s day by asking them to join you for lunch. Try to make it someone who you haven’t been to lunch with before. Take a trip to a new restaurant by the office, ask your coworker to join you at your desk, or maybe take a lunch break outside and enjoy some fresh air. You’ll make someone’s day and maybe start a new friendship! What’s more relaxing than that?

3) Turn on Office Tunes

Music can get you pumped up, help you cry it out, and keep you relaxed during stressful situations. If you’re not listening to music at work try it out. See if your officemates, colleagues or employees would be open to listening to some relaxing tunes. If they like it this could be a new addition to the office that everyone can enjoy.

4) Take a Tea Break

Many of us drink lots of coffee to keep us alert and productive at work. However, caffeine isn’t the ideal beverage to promote relaxation. Bring a box of herbal tea to the office for everyone to enjoy. Maybe even recommend a specific tea break time for everyone to try the teas out and take a little break from the busy work day.

5) Keep Trying New Ways To Relax

There are countless ways to relax throughout the day. Set up time for office games, theme days, or simply take time to celebrate special occasions (birthdays, team accomplishments, etc.), whatever you do make it something special and out of the ordinary. Maybe you haven’t yet figured out what brings you calmness in the midst of chaos. Ask your office mates what works for them, read different articles and give everything a shot. You might be surprised at what helps you relax!

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How do you relax with co-workers in and out of the office?

Originally published Aug 14, 2015, updated Aug 11, 2020

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