SMS messages are quick and convenient, perfect for personal conversations without having to make a phone call. In a business setting, text messaging has similar advantages—but there’s always been one problem: to use it, you have to reveal your personal mobile number. RingCentral Business SMS  empowers users to send and receive text messages on tablets, smartphones, and computers using a single business telephone number that also works for voice calls and faxes. Here are five quick tips for getting the most out of Business SMS.


1) Use it

Just use it. Let customers and colleagues know that they can text you at your RingCentral number and start using Business SMS right away. To send a message from your mobile device, open the RingCentral mobile app and from the messages screen tap the “+” in the upper-right corner and choose “New Text.” Type your recipient’s number in the “To:” field, or start typing a name from your address book. Type your message and hit the send button. Messages will come from your RingCentral number, and replies will appear in the app.

2) Set up email notifications

SMS messages are great because they’re immediate. But sometimes you may not have your mobile device nearby. RingCentral’s customizable message alerts can be configured to alert you via email whenever you receive a text message at your business number. It’s great for record-keeping and for making sure that important text messages get handled as quickly as possible.

3) Text from your desktop

RingCentral for Desktop makes Business SMS even more convenient. Instead of stopping what you’re doing to pick up your mobile phone, use your computer to send and receive messages. You can respond faster with access to a full keyboard as well as all the documents and information on your computer. Using Business SMS from your computer makes you more productive, and helps your business provide better customer service.

4) Message teams using a department extension

Setting up departments in your RingCentral account does more than just ring a group of phones. Using Business SMS, you can easily communicate with entire teams using their department extension.

5) Block unwanted texts (and calls)

Unfortunately, SMS spam is a reality. But RingCentral’s powerful blocking feature keeps out messages from unwanted numbers—and it works for calls, too. To block a number that is spamming your business line, log in to your RingCentral account online, choose “Screening, Greeting & Hold Music” and click on “Blocked Calls.”

Text messaging is a great tool for communicating with customers and colleagues. It works seamlessly across all of your devices and is included as a part of RingCentral Office for all customers. Start taking advantage of Business SMS today.