linkedin company page LinkedIn is one of the most valuable social platforms for businesses. No other platform provides more opportunities for connecting and engaging with both potential and current clients and customers. However, far too many businesses don’t have the right company presence. This article provides five actionable tips for implementing a LinkedIn Company Page strategy that will boost your presence.

1) Set Up Your Company Page

The first step is an obvious one, create a LinkedIn Company Page. If your page does not exist it will be impossible for people to find you. In fact, people may be searching for your company as you’re reading this article. Does it show up? Don’t be intimidated by the process, it’s really very simple. While you might not know everything there is to know about setting up your page, the basics will be enough for now.

Go here to create your LinkedIn Company Page

2) Populate Your Page

li co page description When you first create your company page you must accurately and completely populate it. You will be asked to create a company profile. This is where you build your organizations description and brief overview. Discuss the key components of your business and what makes it unique. Think about what types of information you want current and potential customers to gain from visiting your LinkedIn Company Page.

3) Connect Your Company Page to Your Profile.

li page manager And the profiles of all your employees. This makes finding your Company Page easier. Remember, visibility is key when it comes to marketing, recruiting and public relations. Create opportunity for visibility by including a hot link to your LinkedIn Company Page directly in your LinkedIn profile. The more people in your organization who do this the more visibility.

4) Add Rich Images

A picture is worth a million words. So, be sure to add the right images to your LinkedIn Company Page. Use this opportunity to tell your story visually. Is your company creative, serious or edgy? What do you want people to garner from your looking at your LinkedIn Company Page? Your Company Page provides an opportunity to add both a banner and logo so be wise in your choices. But, be sure to use both opportunities.

5) Post Regularly

You have a LinkedIn Company Page, it’s fully populated, has the best images and is connected to your employees personal LinkedIn profiles. Now what? You need to post content to your Company Page consistently. Otherwise, when people come back to your page they will not find new information, no way to engage. Share articles you think might be relevant to your target audience, post your unique content and ask questions. The more content share the more opportunities for engagement exist.

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Does your organization leverage LinkedIn Company Pages? If so share some of your own tips in the comments below.