RingCentral’s business phone service is designed from the ground up to make enterprise communications easy, flexible and even enjoyable. So how can RingCentral phone service help your business become more mobile? Let us count the ways:

1) Apps for iOS, Android and BlackBerry OS

Apps are a linchpin of the RingCentral mobile experience – and they’re available free of charge for iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices. All three versions enable users to manage calls, send faxes and adjust phone system settings on the fly. Plus, the Android and iOS apps allow VoIP calling over a Wi-Fi connection (the iOS app also permits VoIP calls over carrier cell networks). And with any of RingCentral’s mobile apps, you can place calls using your business number. That means you won’t have to worry about making your personal number visible to customers or vendors.

2) RingCentral Connect

RingCentral Connect, introduced in April of this year as part of the Cloud Touch platform, integrates your RingCentral service with cloud services Box, Dropbox and Google Drive. No matter which mobile device you have on you – smartphone, tablet or laptop – Connect lets you seamlessly share files you’ve stored in the cloud. CloudFax, a feature of Connect, even makes it possible to fax documents right from your favorite cloud-storage apps.

3) FaxOut

While we’re on the topic of faxes, FaxOut deserves a mention. Internet faxing was one of RingCentral’s original products, and FaxOut is its most up-to-date iteration. FaxOut lets you send and accept faxes from any device with an internet connection: you can use Outlook, your personal email platform, the RingCentral Call Controller desktop app or the RingCentral fax software itself. With FaxOut, your fax machine (and all its attendant cords and wires) are rendered obsolete – and faxing from anywhere becomes possible.

4) Advanced forwarding options

Want to spend a few hours outside the office but can’t leave your business unattended? RingCentral Office and Professional have your back. Both products make call forwarding a snap, so you can adjust forwarding settings with a few taps or mouse clicks and have all your business calls routed to your mobile phone. The people calling you won’t even be able to tell you’re not at your desk – unless, that is, you’re someplace noisy.

5) Visual Voicemail

Maybe you are at a loud event. Or perhaps you’re on the road and don’t want to bother your fellow travelers by talking on the phone. Sometimes, letting calls go unanswered is the best thing to do – especially when you’ve got RingCentral Visual Voicemail close at hand. Visual Voicemail lets you view and control voicemails through the RingCentral interface, making it easy to play back, delete and respond to every message you receive. Thanks to Visual Voicemail, you can wave goodbye to your cumbersome voice mailbox.

With RingCentral’s apps, settings options and features, you can carry your entire business phone system in your pocket. Let us know in the comments section how RingCentral enables greater mobility for you!