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5 Virtual PBX Features Your Small Business Should Start Using Today


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Nov 14, 2016

kid-6673_blog Traditional PBX phone systems have many disadvantages compared to virtual PBX systems. They’re big and bulky, expensive to maintain, require a technician to install and update, and can’t match the functionality of cloud PBX systems.

Virtual PBX solves the problems of these old systems and adds in dozens of advanced features. In fact, virtual PBX systems are so robust that there are probably a few things you might have missed. These are some of the best ways to take advantage of a virtual PBX system to maximize your business.

1) Admin anywhere

Instead of paying someone to handle moves, adds, and changes, you can administer your own virtual PBX. When your business is growing, you can quickly add new extensions to accommodate additional employees. If your business is seasonal, you can quickly add or subtract capacity as needed, on the fly. Best of all, these changes can be handled from anywhere, including from a computer or mobile device.

2) Make your own rules

Older business phone systems are limited.

A call comes in, it rings an extension, and if no one picks up, it goes to voicemail. Virtual phone systems offer much more flexibility, including schedule-based routing options and the ability to filter calls from your most important clients. Custom greetings, the ability to ring multiple phones, and automatic scheduled transfers are all easily configurable and can be changed as needed.

3) Business SMS

On-site PBX hardware predates mobile communications by several decades, and it’s been notoriously difficult to integrate mobile devices into traditional systems. On the other hand, virtual PBX systems were built with mobile in mind from the start.

It’s easy to integrate BYOD policies with virtual systems, and users are able to send and receive SMS messages from their business numbers, right from the devices they already have. You don’t have to worry about carrying multiple devices for business and personal use, and you can maintain privacy by using your business number with your existing devices.

4) Move calls between phones

In today’s fast-paced business environment, you’re often on the go—but mobile devices present a challenge for traditional PBX systems. Virtual systems allow users to quickly move between phones at a moment’s notice.

We’ve all been on an important mobile call when our batteries suddenly hit 3 percent. With Call Flip, you can switch to your desk phone in two key presses. When you’re running out the door to a meeting, easily flip an in-progress call to your mobile device. You’ll never have to waste a client’s time again by hanging up and calling back.

5) Keep up with call logs and message alerts

For many companies, data drives everything that you do. With a virtual PBX system, it’s easy to keep up with all of your business calls. Automatic call logs let you track all the activity on your system. Use this data to analyze expenses, bill clients, or gauge performance. Everything is easily accessible online and downloadable for analysis and record-keeping.

Message alerts are another way a virtual PBX helps keep tabs on your business. Send alerts for messages, missed calls, and faxes via email, SMS, or as notifications on mobile or desktop apps. Everything gets managed in one place, and you can customize alert delivery to suit the way you work.

Virtual PBX systems offer features that traditional business phone systems just can’t match. They’re simpler and cheaper to set up and maintain, so you can focus on your business and provide the best possible service to your customers.

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