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5 Top Mobile Apps That Address Specific Business Needs

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Businesses today are moving towards mobile work, and that means they need to choose the right mobile apps to run their companies.

This can be daunting.

For one, business apps aren’t like consumer apps. You can’t just install and uninstall them. Even if you get a free account, it’d still be integrated into your business operations upon implementation. Uninstalling and replacing the app will be too much trouble. And you would have to start all over again when you choose the app to replace it with.

Then there is the business of actually choosing the app to use in the first place. There is like a gazillion mobile business apps right now in the market for both the iOS and Android platform. Choosing the right one so that you can avoid the scenario mentioned above can be a lot of pressure. How do you even decide which apps would be great for your business and which ones won’t?

So let’s try to make things easier.

First, identify some of the most common business functions you want to manage remotely from your mobile device. Once you’ve done that, you can identify the most popular apps recommended by experts. From there, you can narrow down your search, research each choice, and decide on its fit based on its merits.

If you are not in the mood to do all that research, you can just read on and see our recommendations. We have a great list of what we think are some of the best mobile app choices for specific business needs like:



Intuit’s QuickBooks is the go-to accounting software for small businesses and enterprises. It’s considered to be the best accounting app, and you can access the full version via mobile browsers.

However, the mobile app of Quickbooks is somewhat limited. You can only do most of the basic stuff on it, like –

If you’re looking for a great mobile app for accounting, check out the Freshbooks Mobile App. It has nearly all the features of its main browser version.

freshbooks mobile app

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It’s also pretty easy to use. You get to have specific buttons for different functions like:

The “Create New” button also makes it easier for you to enter new records. The way the app was built is just so intuitive and easy to use.



When it comes to business communications, RingCentral is still considered the industry leader.

RingCentral mobile app for iPhone and Android

The RingCentral mobile apps for Android devices or for iPhones and iPads let you manage your entire phone system from your mobile device, including:

Users can use the app the way they’d use their desktop phones. They can even use the company’s business phone number to:

It also supports the system’s advanced call control features like call flip, call forwarding, call screening, call park, call recording and more. Everything you need to communicate is accessible through the Android or iOS app.


Human Resources

For applicant tracking, benefits administration, and performance reviews, the best “bang for your buck” app is BambooHR.

You can access all of those features from the BambooHR mobile app. It lets you manage your human resources from wherever you are.

BambooHR mobile app

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Even employees enjoy using this app–filing leaves is just a few taps away. No more messy filing system. The interface is pretty easy to navigate and you can tell that the app was designed for mobile device use.


Customer Relations and Data Management

When it comes to customer relations, sales, and customer data, Salesforce is still king. And the Salesforce mobile app is second to none.

salesforce mobile app

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It offers the most comprehensive platform for customer and sales data in the market, all through mobile. With it, you are always on top of what is going on with your company. You can check data in real time instead of waiting to be at your desk to access your work computer.

The app is also pretty easy to use, as long as you are familiar with its desktop version.


Payment Acceptance

Processing payments on-the-go can also be a boon to your business.

Right now, the best on-the-go payment processor is Square. You just need to plug a credit card reader onto your Android or iOS device and you can start processing payments on the spot. The best part is that it works even if you are not connected to the Internet. You can also send receipts through email or SMS. It even allows your customers to leave tips!

square mobile app

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Another option is the PayPal mobile app. Like Square, you can use it to process credit cards on the spot through a card reader. It has most of the same features, plus can also process checks and payments from the customer’s PayPal account. The only downside is that payment will go to your PayPal account and not directly to your bank account.

paypal mobile app

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Hope this helps you choose the right apps for your organization! With the right combination of mobile business apps, you will have your business running from the palm of your hands (literally!) in no time.


What apps do you use for specific business functions? Sound off in our comments section.

Originally published Feb 07, 2018, updated Aug 25, 2020

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