5 Things to Keep In Mind When Creating an E-Commerce Site

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There is no better way to earn money today than through online marketing. Developing an e-commerce website is not difficult. In fact, with the plethora of web templates and easy tutorials available today, launching a website has never been easier. Launching a good website, however, is always a challenge. Make sure to commit to launching a high-quality product. It may take a bit more time on the front end, but the benefits will be well worth the additional time and money invested.

Web Design

It’s important that your web design effectively communicates a message to a specific demographic (demo). Unless you’re truly selling a universal product (which is not the norm), then there is most likely a specific demo that will be buying from your e-commerce site. In this case, make sure that the web design and marketing matches the demo. Choose colors and design details that appropriately market directly to the intended demo. Or, if your color scheme isn’t designed to drive sales, at least make sure it’s attractive and consistent, and helps you provide good e-commerce customer service. RingCentral’s homepage, with splashes of orange, offers a good example.

Call To Action

When a prospect visits a company’s website, there ought to be an immediate call to action. A call to action is best executed by providing something valuable to a potential prospect for free. Common tactics include free video or email training material. Think of something that most of your demo will find valuable and offer it for free to everyone who will provide their email address. Harvesting these emails is essential to the long-term success of one’s e-commerce site, as it allows businesses to easily start generating leads.

Email Marketing Campaign

Once someone provides his email address to receive additional information about your business, product or services, he ought to be immediately shuffled into a nurture sequence of emails that tell your company’s story and provide several attempts to convert the prospect into a paid customer. The best way to do this is with an advanced email CRM system, like Infusion Soft or Marketo, which easily allows you to manage various email marketing campaigns. It can also be done manually. (See some email marketing examples here.)

Merchant Service Provider

Finally, once a customer comes to your e-commerce website and is converted from a prospect into a potential client, sales will begin to flood in, and when they do there must be a mechanism in place to accept credit card and debit card payments. This is where a merchant service providers come in. A merchant service provider enables a web-based company to accept credit card and debit cards. It is imperative that you conduct due diligence in order to choose a merchant service provider that offers all that you need. Read here for more information on what to consider when singing up for a merchant account provider. The worst thing is to have a client come to your website that wants to purchase but cannot due to a clumsy checkout process. The checkout process must be seamless and easy for maximum sales potential.

Originally published Mar 18, 2013, updated Aug 07, 2020

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