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5 Social Media Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Business [Friday Five]

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With the snow melting and new life blooming, it’s time to start your spring cleaning projects. And spring cleaning isn’t just for the home or office anymore.

By now, most businesses have an online presence. If you’re one of those businesses, you’ll need to add your digital assets to your spring cleaning to-do list. So in the spring cleaning spirit, we recommend the following five tips for cleaning up your social presence:

1) Review Before You Clean

Before you start cleaning up, it’s important to take stock of where you stand today. Most social platforms offer some sort of built-in analytics: Be sure to take a good look at your platforms and their performance. Which are doing well? Which seem to be falling flat or even dropping off? A mini-audit will give you a better idea of which digital assets need a deep-clean and which simply require some freshening up.

2) Clean Up “About” Sections

One of the most neglected pieces of real estate on social platforms is the “About” section. Yet it’s also one of the most important, as it provides your communities with important information about your business.

In the past year, have you started any new online communities, added additional customer service options or changed phone numbers? You may be surprised at what important pieces of information are missing from your about sections. Take the time to review all and make necessary adjustments. Be sure all important information is available so your community can easily contact you and access your latest and greatest features.

3) Review and Implement

New social features are popping up every day, and it’s difficult to keep up with everything. Take this time to review some of the more relevant platform updates and look into platforms you’re not currently taking advantage of.  The more you know, the better you’ll do when it comes to social media!

4) Get Employees Engaged

If your employees are already engaged, take this time to let them know you’re appreciative of their efforts. Be sure they have all the tools necessary to be successful online and offer any educational resources they might need. Now’s the time to reinvigorate those folks who are helping your social business efforts succeed.

If employees are not yet engaged, consider new ways to get them on board. Inquire into what would encourage them to get involved and how you can help. The more support you can get from employees, the stronger your online communities will be!

5) Refresh and Update Passwords

Now’s the time to change passwords! Be sure all your digital assets are completely secure. Remove admins who might no longer need access, especially those who no longer work for you. Check each platform and be sure they are completely secure. You’ve invested a lot of resources into your online presence, so be sure you’re protecting it!

What social spring cleaning tips can you share?

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