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telarusEarlier this week, we announced our partnership with RingCentral, one of the largest UCaaS providers in the United States. For those of you who know Telarus, and our singular focus on unified communications, you may be wondering why we would add RingCentral to our already robust portfolio.

The truth is every hosted UC provider IS different. Each has its unique capabilities and users have likes and dislikes. This creates a massive profit opportunity for the cloud brokers who know how to marry up customers with the hosted UC provider that best fits their needs and user interface preferences.

As we listen to our partners, they tell us RingCentral is one of the most beloved hosted UC providers in the marketplace and Gartner, for one, agrees with them. In the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) Worldwide 2015 report, Gartner rated RingCentral as a technology leader. Although there are other larger companies in the report, the data – as well as our trusted partners – are telling us RingCentral is quickly becoming the darling of the industry.

After learning more about RingCentral from its new Channel Chief, Zane Long, and based on my research, here are the things I think you’ll love about selling RingCentral through Telarus:

  1. Integrations: RingCentral recognized early on that user adoption, and hence customer satisfaction and longevity, increase dramatically when hosted UC is married into the everyday software that businesses are already using to keep things straight: Google Apps, Microsoft 365, etc. Their ability to integrate phone calls, text messages, IM, and presence into tools people are already using gives them a massive advantage over the competition.
  2. User Interface: Gartner listed RingCentral as the technology leader in the UC space because the vast majority of the respondents to their survey found the RingCentral user interface to be intuitive. That means they didn’t have to read a 20-page manual or spend costly company time training employees on how to use it. Here at Telarus, we are setting up a RingCentral work station in our UC Lab so Telarus partners and clients can come in and see this intuitive interface for themselves and learn first-hand why so many people like it.
  3. Beachhead: RingCentral knows who its customers are and is laser-focused on delivering value to them. Since RingCentral’s inception, they’ve been focused on doing things right for the medium to small businesses. They listened to their feedback, understood their needs, and developed a product that just about anyone can use. Now that they’ve established this beachhead, they are making big investments into upgrading the platform to support the 1000+ seat users, which is where they have their sights set on next. Based on their past success in SMB, and their partnership with the cloud contact center specialist, inContact, it’s a pretty safe bet they will figure it out soon.
  4. Transparency: RingCentral is proud of their track record of customer satisfaction which is, in large part, due to the robust nature of their service offering. Voice calls don’t sound garbled; calls don’t unexpectedly cut off; customers love the fidelity of the sound coming across the line. This is all due to the underlying networks their customers are using, being able to successfully transfer data packets from the user’s device to RingCentral’s proprietary switches located in various co-location facilities across the country.
  5. Channel Program Structure: Recognizing the value of the channel, RingCentral hired industry veteran Zane Long to lead and run their indirect sales efforts. I’ve known Zane for a long time, dating back to his days at Broadwing, Level 3, Cbeyond, and Vonage. Instead of going out and signing every master agent under the sun, and supporting their subagents with dozens of in-the-field channel managers, Zane is focusing on an exclusive number of master agents and has made the choice to support them with their existing direct sales force. We’ve seen time and time again how much higher our close ratios are when our partners, who have great customer relationships, and direct reps, who understand the product on a very deep level, all with full comp to both parties. Everyone wins, including Telarus and RingCentral.

Even though I’m not what you would call a fortune teller, I have seen many programs, many products, and many partners both succeed and fail over my 14 years in this business. From what I see from RingCentral, and from Zane Long, I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that the future of RingCentral is going to be a fun ride for all who get on board.

If you’re interested in adding RingCentral, the highest-rated hosted UC provider by Gartner, to your UCaaS portfolio, give us a call at 877-346-3232 or contact us via our website at

[Learn more about RingCentral Partner Programs here.]

Originally published May 09, 2016, updated Oct 19, 2020

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