Out with the old and in with the new – what are some of your goals in this brand new year? I have a few resolutions of my own, like cleaning out my closet and hitting restart on my diet and exercise regimen. Starting with a clean slate is a common theme in the workplace too, and with Q1 comes a brand new year in business.

That said, it can be hard to commit to something up front and stick with it, sort of like jumping headfirst into a hardcore exercise plan when you have a level-zero fitness foundation. For a lot of things in life, it makes a lot of sense to try before you buy.

Why not do the same with the business phones in your office? Consider clearing out the clutter and starting Q1 with a wide range of phones that fit your business’ unique needs.

rent me Here are five benefits of renting phones with a RingCentral Office plan:

  1. No up-front costs on your contract.
    Opt out of paying for phones up front, and rent them instead over the length of your service contract.*
  2. Pay as you go.
    Monthly billing is simple and predictable, avoiding any unwanted “surprises” on your phone bill.
  3. Discounted service price with contract.
    Save on capital expenditure costs with discounted rates when you sign a contract.
  4. Phone warranty for life of the program.
    Rental phones are protected under extended warranty for the entire rental period.
  5. It’s easy to upgrade.
    Choose from a wide selection of Polycom or Cisco desk and conference phones. Upgrade your rental phones at any time during your rental period, without the hassle.

Additional perks include affordable price points for every budget, phones that meet the needs of any size business, and the ability to add phones and users affordably at any time, with no upfront costs.

So what are you waiting for? Check out RingCentral’s phone rentals program today – and don’t miss RingCentral’s free apps for iOS and Android devices!

*Phone rentals available only for contract customers.