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On February 19, LinkedIn announced the opening of its prestigious LinkedIn Influencer publishing platform to all members. Since then, there’s been a lot of chatter about how businesses can benefit from participation.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. This popular platform has traditionally been difficult to capitalize on, however. Today’s Friday Five will uncover 5 key ways the LinkedIn Influencer platform can benefit you!

1) It Will Soon Open to All Members

Before you can begin to leverage this new feature, you must first have access. If you haven’t yet received your notification, not to worry! LinkedIn will be opening the publishing platform to all members over the next several months.

Initially, only about 25,000 English-language users of LinkedIn will receive access. Once access is granted, you’ll be able to create and publish long-form blog posts directly within LinkedIn. If you’re not one of the initial invitees you can apply for early access by filling out this short form.

2) It Significantly Expands Your Reach

Currently, members can follow the select few influencers who have publishing capabilities, engage in groups, follow companies and connect with other professionals. However, once you’re able to take advantage of the publishing platform, your capabilities and reach will expand significantly.

Posts are shared not only with your network but also become part of your professional profile and are shared with those outside your network who have chosen to follow you. This means you now have the opportunity to expand your reach and no longer have to connect with people in order to build professional relationships.

3) It Can Increase Your Influence

Until now, LinkedIn Influencers has only been open to business thought leaders like Richard Branson and Bill Gates. For the past two years, the influencer program has gained momentum. Members have actively engaged with influencer blog posts by sharing, liking, and commenting. However, until now only a few influencers have had the opportunity to share their insight. Now you everyone has the chance to showcase their knowledge through LinkedIn blogging.

4) It Will Provide Learning Opportunities

By opening its publishing platform to all members, LinkedIn is increasing everyone’s opportunity to consume valuable information and from more people. Not only does this provide you the opportunity to be an influencer, it also gives you more options for media consumption.

With more choices, you can follow individuals who share the type of information that will benefit you the most.

5) It Will Allow For More Engagement

With more options for content creation comes more ways for people to engage with you and your organization. New long-form blog posting capabilities will permit anyone to create engaging and thoughtful content. As with blogging, you’ll want to keep consistent, create content that is relevant and valuable and promote through all your assets.

Will you take advantage of LinkedIn’s Influencer publishing platform?