1. CamCard Lite: FREE
CamCard solves the challenge of storing and keeping track of business cards. The app works with your iPhone’s camera to scan business cards, transcribe the information, and store it all in the cloud. You also have the option of saving contact information straight to your iPhone, Gmail, or Exchange contacts. Contacts can be synced across multiple devices and can also be shared between colleagues. CamCard even recognizes twelve languages! Now you can ditch that physical rolodex forever and digitally manage all your contacts.

2. DropBox: FREE
Today’s salespeople work on multiple devices, and it’s important to access files from any of those devices. DropBox allows you to store documents, photos, and videos to the cloud  that can then be accessed or shared from any device logged in to Dropbox. This is a great app for online collaboration between team members. Another reason we love Dropbox? It integrates with RingCentral: fax any Dropbox document using your RingCentral account.

3. LinkedIn: FREE
It’s no secret that LinkedIn is a powerful tool for professional networking and research. The mobile app extends that power to business people on-the-go. Instead of exchanging business cards when you meet new contacts, simply connect with them through the LinkedIn app. Salespeople can also research profiles of prospects prior to a meeting and sync that information to their calendars.

4. Salesforce Mobile: FREE
If your company uses Salesforce for customer management, this app is an invaluable tool for customer data on-the-go. You can access, add, delete, and modify account information straight from the app. Imagine logging call notes and data right after a client meeting while it’s all fresh in  your head. Now you can spend more time in the field closing those deals!

5. RingCentral: FREE
We can’t talk about business apps without mentioning our very own. The RingCentral app allows you to manage your RingCentral account on your iPhone from anywhere. Make VoIP calls, display your business number on caller ID (rather than your personal number), receive instant alerts for business messages and voice calls, and receive/send faxes — all from your iPhone. Now you’ll never miss another sales opportunity.