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5 LinkedIn Tips for B2B Companies [Friday Five]


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li co pages B2B companies and brands are increasingly waking up to the fact that LinkedIn can seriously boost their profile. It’s by far the most business-focused social media platform. In fact, according to LinkedIn, more than three million companies have LinkedIn company pages. If you’re on LinkedIn, there’s a good chance your clients are too. These tips could open up a whole new world of possibilities.

1) Get connected, start a group.

pic LinkedIn claims its members are sharing insights and knowledge in more than 2.1 million LinkedIn Groups. Instead of joining a group, why not start your own based around specific interests? It’s a great way of getting people talking while establishing your business or brand as the dominant force. It shouldn’t be self-promotional; get the conversation started by flagging up an interesting development within your industry or suggest a new idea. Intel’s ‘Student Lounge’ group is a great example of a company putting its stamp on the youth market.


Another great example, is RingCentral’s ‘Superfan’ group. Here existing customers and prospects alike, can stay up-to-date on all the company’s news, ask questions about products or services, and engage with the company’s employees!

superfan group li

2) Be the leader of the pack.

LinkedIn has recently opened up its publishing platform so that users can publish long-form posts about professional topics that matter to them. So if you’re an expert in your field, then this could be the place to let people know. Consider it an opportunity to position yourself as a ‘thought leader’, showing your clients that you’re at the forefront of your industry. These posts become part of your professional story when people visit your profile.

db li posts RingCentral’s President, David Berman, recently started publishing his own posts to his LinkedIn page as well. Check them out to see his expert advice on getting ahead in your career, learn about his approach to running a successful business, and much more!

3) Keep things fresh.

Once you start posting on LinkedIn, keep going. Don’t let your account sit idle for weeks on end with no sign of activity – think what kind of a message that sends to your clients and potential customers. As you read this, someone could be reading your company profile on LinkedIn. Will they be getting the best possible impression of what you offer? Used wisely, LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to control what clients discover about your company and, more importantly, your brand. American Express regularly updates its account, using it to share the news, views, and other company-wide achievements.


Also, be sure to follow the RingCentral company page on LinkedIn to stay up to date on latest feature releases, company achievements, new career opportunities and more!

4) Brand it.

It might be a business network, but your LinkedIn account doesn’t have to be bland. The look and feel of your page is really important. You’re putting your brand on display, and that starts with your banner image. Think about how best to utilize the 646 by 220 pixel space that’s available to you. It could be a chance to feature your product, or even the people who make your product. Exercise a little creativity to impress existing and potential clients. Adobe uses its banner image to make a strong, visually arresting statement about the company and the type of people it employs.

pic3 5) Use the analytics function.

Your LinkedIn account might be full of information, but have you ever considered who is reading it? It’s actually really easy to view the data about your company’s performance on LinkedIn by using LinkedIn’s analytics page. You can see how engaging your individual posts are, understand more about your follower demographics and discover more about your page traffic and activity. Taking ten minutes to review this information could give a seriously useful insight into your company, and help you adjust your strategy to become more competitive.


LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 300 million members in over 200 countries and territories. According to its own figures, professionals are signing up to join LinkedIn at a rate of more than two new members per second. That’s some pretty impressive data. When marketing your business/brand to other businesses, using LinkedIn makes perfect sense. It’s a serious platform where connections can be made and fostered. So the question is, can you afford not to be on LinkedIn?

Originally published Sep 19, 2014, updated Aug 12, 2020

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