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5 Important Announcements from Apple for Your Business [Friday Five]

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apple news Just this week Apple made several important announcements at their annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. Today’s Friday Five shares five of those announcements that will impact you and your business.

1) OS X El Capitan (OS X 10.11)

Apple revealed they will be releasing the latest version of OS X to the public in beta next month (July) and the final version this fall. If you and/or your company uses OS X this is pretty significant news. OS X El Capitan promises to have enhanced experience and improved performance. New features to look forward to include; ability to “pin” sites so they load instantly; mute button for sites that auto play video and music; improved windows management; split-screen functionality; and expanded search options in Spotlight.

El Capitan should have you thinking about a few things. If your site is one uses auto play music or video, consider how this update will affect the story you tell. Maybe it’s time to utilize a new function so your message doesn’t go unheard. If you and your workforce rely on OS X how can you best leverage all of the latest updates? Can split-screen functionality increase productivity? What ways will expanded search options help your team? Be ready for the update and be sure you are taking advantage of as many features as possible.

2) iOS 9 Ship in July

Enhancements are on their way with iOS 9. This will include more functionality, less space required and bigger battery power. We are told iOS 9 features will include additions to the Notes app, name change for Passbook (now called “Wallet), facelift for Newstand (now “News”), a HomeKit that can control smart appliances through iCloud, two-factor authentication supported, as well as QuickType and multitasking features. And, with all these added features we won’t have to worry about limited space because iOS 9 promises to take up less space! Even better, “low power mode” will be added giving three extra hours of battery!

For those who work on-the-go iOS 9 will be a breathe of fresh air. As with OS X, be sure to familiarize yourself with the updated features so you can benefit and get more out of your device. apple ios9 3) Transit Directions Added to Maps App

apple maps apps If you do any type of travel for work this is probably one of the more exciting announcements. Finally,  Apple adds transit directions to its Maps app! Now, subway stations will be mapped and include more accurate estimate of travel times. The roll-out will start with select cities including: Baltimore, New York, San Francisco, Beijing and Shenzhen.  Never be late for a meeting again!

4) Software Update for Apple Watch

apple watch update

Wearable technology is here and its benefits, both personal and professionally, are many. And, after only two months Apple announces a new and improved operating system for the Apple Watch. Get ready for additional options for watch faces to give you an overview of upcoming events, improved interactivity, transit directions in Maps, and the ability for developers to make apps that run natively on the Watch.

5) Apple reveals Apple Music

Probably the most talked about announcements was Apple Music. Now, for a fee of $10/month, you’ll be able to stream unlimited music, view music videos and listen to curated playlists. But, one of the more interesting features will be “Connect”.  Unlike many of the other music apps, “Connect” allows unsigned artists to upload their music, and provides unprecedented access to artist content. apple music While the benefits to your business might not be obvious we challenge you to think of creative ways you might be able to leverage this new feature. We would love to hear your ideas in the comments section.

How can your business benefit from these Apple announcements? Tell us in the comments below

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Originally published Jun 12, 2015, updated Sep 20, 2021

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