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5 Awesome Office for iPad Features [Friday Five]

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Last week Microsoft finally released its Office for iPad app. This is great news for companies and entrepreneurs who rely on iPads for business use. If you’re an iPad user and a fan of Office on the desktop, here are five great features now available to you:

1) Word, PowerPoint and Excel

Lack of compatibility was one of the most frustrating issues when working with Microsoft Office documents on an iPad. Now, compatibility is seamless.

When you open a Word, PowerPoint or Excel document using the Office app on your iPad, you’ll see exactly what you do on your laptop or desktop. Gone are the days of frustrating compatibility and formatting issues!

2) AirPlay 

If your business requires streaming presentations, the new AirPlay feature will be perfect for you. This new feature allows you to share your screen, from anywhere, with any other AirPlay-enabled device.

You can now run streaming presentations or share your screen from anywhere at any time. This is perfect for those times when everyone isn’t able to meet around a conference table.

3) Siri Integration

Prefer to dictate your documents? Not a problem with the new Office for iPad app.

Apple’s popular digital assistant, Siri, now allows users to dictate directly into Word. This makes working without a keyboard easy and efficient.

4) Collaborative Editing

For those who work in teams, this feature is going to be a favorite. Similar to Google Docs, the new Office iPad app allows you to view documents being edited by your colleagues on their computers.

You can see who edited what, and in real-time. This tool is perfect for staying connected and productive while on the go!

5) Touch-friendly Image and Object Manipulation

One of our favorite features in Office for iPad is the ease with which you can move images and objects within a text document.

If you want to include an image or object, simply drag and drop the image where you want it. The app has touch-friendly handles and wrap-around text to make the experience seamless.

You can also check out Mashable’s video to learn more about Office for iPad.

Have you tried Office on your iPad yet? Click here to download it, and let us know what you think. And don’t miss RingCentral’s iOS app – it works on iPads and iPhones.

Originally published Apr 04, 2014, updated Sep 22, 2020

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