4 Ways a Cloud Phone System Can Boost Your Business' Growth

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It’s time to look at the phone as more than just an essential office item. Phones are a tool for running a business at full capacity.

The following are 4 ways a cloud telephone system such as RingCentral Office can actually help a business grow.

1) Create a professional image.

First impressions always matter. For a new customer, it might seem a safe bet to ring a phone number that appears to belong to a large, established company. A mobile number, by contrast, might cast a certain amount of doubt.

RingCentral Office enables any business to easily set up an 0800 or 0845 number. This can act to instantly instill greater customer confidence, helping you win more business.

2) Make it easier for customers to get in touch.

When calls are handled in the cloud, intelligent call handling technology ensures they always reach the right destination – no matter what number is dialled. This makes it much simpler for customers to get in touch, as a business can operate many offices under one main number.

RingCentral also has a click-to-call feature called RingMe. When integrated into a website, RingMe empowers customers to call your business at the just the click of a button.

3) Never miss a customer.

Missing customer calls often means missing out on business. For the businessperson who’s often out of the office, this can be quite a disadvantage.

When calls are handled in the cloud, however, a call made to a business number can be picked up anywhere. If the office phone rings but nobody’s there, the call can simply forward to a mobile instead. Alternatively, all phones (mobile, desk, etc.) may be made to ring simultaneously.

Department calls, too, may be intelligently diverted with RingCentral Office. That means they can be answered by whoever is available.

4) Cut office overhead.

RingCentral Office is completely free from setup costs and maintenance fees. Office is generally cheaper than conventional business phone service on a monthly basis, as well – so the savings start adding up immediately.

Cloud-based phone systems like Office are particularly well-suited to a growing business. Office may be expanded without any additional infrastructure expense. Plus it opens up greater possibilities for people to work remotely, without the need for additional office space.

For even the smallest of businesses, cloud telephony can offer the right image, better customer service and a means of keeping costs down. Turning to the cloud could, therefore, be a very good call.

Originally published Sep 28, 2013, updated Aug 07, 2020

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