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4 Tips for Keeping in Touch, Anytime, Anywhere... with Call Routing

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RingCentral call routing lets you create an always-available presence to your business contacts. You can set your phone system answering rules to send incoming calls to specific phone numbers such as your office phone, home phone, or mobile phone.

Call Routing With RingCentral’s advanced call routing capabilities, you can take important business calls anywhere you are. Receive calls at your office, at home, or on your mobile device while you are on your way to work. Once you’ve arrived, flip the call to your office phone to resume the conversation, or flip the call to an associate in Sales or Support. All done seamlessly, with no annoying call-backs. Check out these productivity boosters, great for you – and your clients:

1) Route callers to the right place, the first time.

RingCentral can route incoming calls, based on area code and zip code, to locations where they can be best served. Who hasn’t been annoyed by round-robin call handling? Spare your customers that frustration while boosting you own productivity by directing calls to the right location immediately.

2) Schedule your response.

RingCentral lets you customize the routing of incoming calls according to your work schedule. Based on Caller ID, you can choose to take that important call wherever you are – office, home, or on the road – or route the call to an available associate, or to voicemail if appropriate.

3) Park a call in the cloud.

RingCentral Call Park enables you to place calls on hold in a virtual location and retrieve them from any desk phone in your system. Simply press the Park soft key on your desk phone to put calls on hold. The system will announce the location, which you pass along to the party who will receive the call. Simple and convenient.

4) Flip your calls.

You can transfer live conversations seamlessly from one device to another with RingCentral Call Flip. That frees you from interrupting calls with the infamous “let me call you back”.

Call Flip uses your list of quick-dial forwarding numbers, so you can easily move a call in progress from one of your devices to another. During a conversation, press (*) followed by the quick-dial number of a device to which you want to flip the call. For example, press (*) 3 to flip a call to your mobile phone. Calls flip instantly. Just pick up the phone that’s receiving the call when it rings, and hang up the phone that’s transferring the call.

Use Call Flip with any touch-tone telephone that accepts incoming calls to your RingCentral number, any touch-tone device that works with RingCentral RingOut, or any device connected to a DigitalLine.

RingCentral call routing helps you manage your calls and your time so that you’ll be more productive. It’s hard to argue with that!

Originally published Jan 15, 2014, updated Aug 07, 2020

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