mobile app small At RingCentral, we are devoted to keeping our mobile technology up-to-date with the latest breakthrough technologies and features. In line with that goal, yesterday we announce our latest 6.3 release for RingCentral Office customers. Along with this release we also made some important enhancements to our mobile apps for iOS and Android!

These four brand new mobile upgrades will make your life a whole lot easier. Here are some new and exciting features that our Office Edition customers will now be able to access with the RingCentral iOS and Android mobile apps (Please note, the new features listed below only apply to US and Canada customers.):

1)  One-tap to Join a Conference

You will now be able to automatically join a conference call by simply tapping the icon from an SMS invitation. It’s that easy! This vastly improves efficiency your business communications without the need to dial a conference number or enter a participant access code.

tap to join conf 2) Pre-call Control

Receiving a call you can’t or won’t answer? Send callers to voicemail right away. Another excellent feature is text-to speech reply. RingCentral users now have the ability to reply to callers on another line with a pre-defined message. For example, “I will call you back later,” without interrupting the current call or event; thus, making it extremely convenient to conduct mobile meetings.

3)  Call Handoff

Perhaps one of the worst (and most frustrating) things that could happen during a call is having it drop in the middle of a conversation. This is now much less likely to happen with RingCentral’s new call handoff feature! Users can now switch their VoIP calls seamlessly to a carrier network. During an active call, the user can move from a data network to a carrier network quickly and effectively—reducing the chances of dropping an important call.

switch carrier1 4)  Easy Access to VoIP Calling Settings

At RingCentral, we realize that the quality of a call is just as important as making the call itself. We have optimized call quality and user experience with additional settings options. Some of these include an improved VoIP call network, echo cancellation, battery saving mode and much more!

U.S. RingCentral users can access these features at any time using mobile technology. Check back in early June to find out about new features being added to our RingCentral softphone technology!