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365 Tickets Easily Goes Global Thanks to RingCentral

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365tickets-screenshot Based in Jersey, 365 Tickets sells tickets for a range of attractions, activities, and events all over the world. The retailer has relationships with industry-leading suppliers including Disney® and Merlin Entertainment, which it uses to offer competitively priced attraction tickets to customers through its network of localised websites.

To quickly set up new team members in 365 Tickets’ 15 global locations, provide cost-effective international calls and the tools to manage its own business communication solution, 365 Tickets required a system that was more advanced than the traditional legacy PBX it had.

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Ross Coupland, Domain Relationship and UX Systems Manager at 365 Tickets, says, “We work closely with our suppliers in order to secure the best deals for our customers worldwide. As such, we receive a range of different calls depending on whether it’s a customer, supplier, or one of our 12 licensed partners based around the globe. As our business continues to scale up and grow internationally, an intuitive and cost-effective communications infrastructure is essential.”

Each of 365 Tickets’ international locations has VoIP phones connected to a central RingCentral account, which is used to make and receive internal calls for free. The ability to scale up the number of users remotely from Jersey is very useful when setting up new licensed partners, getting them connected to the central office and their customers straight away.

RingCentral Office provided 365 Tickets with the flexibility to design a telephony system that allowed different journeys for specific callers. This has allowed 365 Tickets to work smarter with the way that it handles call volumes for different departments and create dynamic call handling rules on the fly to adapt to the needs of the business in real time.

Ross continues, “It’s not just external communication that has been simplified as a result of switching to RingCentral, engagement between colleagues has also improved. We are based in Jersey, Channel Islands, and often have to travel for meetings, so being able to make and receive calls using the iPhone app helps us to stay in touch with each other.”

365 Tickets has also benefited from the unified communications specialist’s powerful collaboration tool, Glip, which is offered at no extra cost to RingCentral Office customers.

When 365 Ticket’s technology team was looking for a cost-effective collaboration tool to help with its internal project management, but didn’t want to pay an expensive monthly fee for all the features that were needed.

Ross says, “Many of the more basic collaboration platforms, whilst low initial cost, generate significant spend on training, uptake, and acceptance. We also needed more than just instant messaging and file sharing. We found that most of the products that were compatible with Google Drive™, Hangouts™, etc. required a high monthly cost per user.

“Glip makes handling projects and daily tasks really easy, and it also works with RingCentral Office, meaning that we can make video and audio conferences with a single click. We have been really impressed with the increased efficiency and reduction in emails since using Glip that we are looking into a complete roll out across the entire company.”

Interest to find out more about how RingCentral can benefit your global business? Please visit or contact the UK sales team on 0800 098 8136.

Originally published Mar 07, 2016, updated Aug 21, 2020

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