Support Center Did you know RingCentral recently introduced an online support portal (a.k.a. the RingCentral Support Center) at Here’s how RingCentral web support can benefit you and your business, should you need help with your RingCentral phone system.

1.     Easy Case Creation

With the RingCentral Support Center, creating new support tickets is a snap. Simply navigate to the Support Center and look for the Contact Support button in the upper right corner of the page. Click it to go to the online case center. You can easily create a new help ticket by clicking “Open a Case”.

What’s so cool about creating an online case? It eliminates waiting on hold for phone support. You also get to attach supporting documents to new or existing cases, so if you want to provide a screenshot of your RingCentral account (or attach a different kind of file), you can do so.

2.     Simple Case Management

Below the “Open a Case” button is a link to the Check My Case Status page. Here you can check the status of your existing support tickets.

You can read support agent comments and easily add your own – and you can dig up old cases using the search box. That means that you can go back and find the answer to a question you asked RingCentral’s support team in the past – no more trying to remember the specifics of a long-ago phone conversation.

3.     The RingCentral Community

Did you know RingCentral has an online community made up of customers like yourself? It does – and you can get to it from the Contact Support page of the RingCentral Support Center. (You can also access it at

We have a lot of improvements in store for our web community, so stay tuned. Some of the features you like – Ideas, for one – will remain, but the whole community will look and feel totally different. It’ll have a properly functioning search feature, as well.

The new community should debut some time in the next few months.

Have you visited the RingCentral Support Center recently? Even if you don’t need to create a web case, there are tons of helpful resources (videos and articles) to help you optimize your RingCentral setup.

For more details on the Support Center, check out these recent blog posts on the center’s Billing, Number Transfer, Message Settings, Auto-Receptionist, Smartphone Apps and Company Settings sections.