Glip_Campaign_Follow_up_Blog_Post_a_r1 The other day I was writing a check for something (yea, I know, but sometimes you just need to do it), and I had to cross out 2015 and write 2016. It’s still shocking that we are moving quickly through another great year. And though we are a bit late for those New Year’s Resolutions that never really work out anyway, we are not too late to make 2016 the year we make our work lives more manageable.

For those who are considering Glip, allow me to discuss why, after a few solid months of usage, I genuinely choose to use Glip for my daily activities. As with any new product or technology adoption, it sometimes takes time to adjust behaviors. But that’s what the new year is for. Here are three behaviors that you will want to change this new year using Glip.

1) Life is too short. Stop going to so many meetings.

The best performing organizations are highly efficient with their time. However, this does not always translate to fewer meetings—sometimes meetings can be highly productive and rewarding events. For example, a brainstorm session about the next breakthrough product feature or a “how to improve the customer on-boarding experience” are both invaluable types of meetings where some of the best work happens.

But often it’s the case that we meet in order to get caught up, review project status, or simply because its recurring and on the calendar already. We could do these through email, but often don’t because it just isn’t effective for this type of conversation. So what do you do? You try something built to help a team work together that will save time instead of add to your already crazy workload.

2) Automate your workload and take the process out of process.

So you were able to cut back on some meetings. Great start. But what about the to-do lists, calendaring, and file sharing that come with those in-person interactions?

We can manage most everything in Outlook if we want. But that’s the important piece: if we want. But like the kid who just gets used to grabbing that second handful of Oreos, bad behaviors are hard to let go.

Or so we thought. Glip wants to make this easy. So now you just open your calendar or to-do list and have what you need right in front of you. Want to share a file with one colleague or a whole team? Go for it. It’s ready to go. Want to share that awesome GIF that just typifies an exchange you had earlier? Yep, you can do that too.

3) Uh oh, someone doesn’t want to take a phone call.

I hate talking on the phone. There, I said it. When my phone rings my first thought is coming up with a good excuse for not answering. And so, generally, perhaps more than I should, I ignore it. And then I text the caller.

It feels good to be honest.

This morning I had an online meeting with a colleague in another time zone. We messaged files back and forth and ultimately made decisions that would impact the next few months of work. We took notes and shared those after. And we did this all from Glip. It’s all saved, it’s all ready to access or share with anyone else who might join our project.

And this is what makes a thoughtful product great: you stop thinking and you start working. You don’t have to think about the medium, you just get your work done.

And that’s why, if you haven’t yet, you should get started with Glip today!