ringcentral-desk-screenshot-1 RingCentral recently announced a complete integration with Desk.com which will allow users to provide personalized customer interactions during every call. Now, existing Desk.com customer records are instantly matched to incoming callers and displayed on the screen, so agents can immediately provide insightful conversations; a new Desk.com case is automatically created for each customer call, freeing the agent to focus on the customer; and agents can effortlessly enter notes about active calls directly in customer records. Here are three additional benefits of integrating RingCentral’s cloud communications system with Desk.com can bring to your customer support team.

1) Productivity

Few people talk about the information superhighway anymore, so I was surprised recently when a colleague compared RingCentral’s new Desk.com product to commuting. He was a new convert to driving in the express lanes, he said, reasoning that the time he saved every day was worth every dollar. Productivity pays for itself, he’d concluded.

Value for money is a calculation that each of us makes with every purchase. My colleague’s superhighway reference may have been surprising, but his conclusion wasn’t. RingCentral for Desk is a productivity tool first and foremost. Placing a telephone dial pad within the Desk.com application positions agents for faster call initiation. Call center staff can simply click to dial any phone number within a customer record. Calls are connected more quickly and misdials are eliminated.

Inbound calling is equally efficient. Customer records are pulled up instantly and displayed on agents’ screens. At any time, agents working in Desk.com can make and receive calls through the RingCentral phone system. They can enter notes about active calls directly in customer records. New cases are generated automatically, freeing agents to give customers their full attention to arrive at more timely and satisfying resolutions.

2) Customer Experience

Satisfying resolutions matter because they offer companies a significant return on investment. Studies performed three years ago by Forrester determined that 90% of customer service decision-makers believe a good service experience is critical to their company’s success. A full 63% think the importance of the customer service experience is rising.

More recently, Oracle discovered that 89% of customers say they have switched brands because of a poor customer experience. In reply, 93% of business leaders said that improving customer experience is one of their top three priorities. The study included interviews with 1,342 senior executives across 18 countries.

Clearly, satisfied customers are at the top of a company’s wish list.

3) Value

Desk.com customers are well positioned to deliver satisfying experiences, and RingCentral for Desk adds one more tool to their toolkit. The application is easy to use, with virtually no learning curve. There’s no software to download and any supported browser provides access.

RingCentral for Desk can also grow with you. RingCentral integrates with other Salesforce APIs, so as your company becomes more successful and adds more Salesforce functionality, RingCentral can make the transition alongside you. The end result will include higher levels of customer satisfaction and retention.

You can learn more about integrating a cloud communications system with your Desk.com solution at RingCentral.com, or download it now via the App Hub.