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24x7 Business Cycles Demand Mobility

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Feb 25, 2012

Back when BlackBerry devices burst on to the scene, we were awed that they could put our professional lives at our fingertips 24×7. Now we take for granted that the lines between business and personal time have forever become blurred. The tipping point, of course, was the ability to access business email on a device that 91% of people keep within an arm’s reach around the clock.

Since that pivotal innovation, smartphones haven’t evolved much: Business professionals still use their smartphones mostly for email and voice communication. While email has graduated nicely from desktop to mobile, voice communication has remained largely unchanged – even as the number of people working remotely continues to rise.

Voice communication is a vital part of coordinating people, but most businesses struggle to manage their mobile workforces. We at RingCentral are constantly thinking about what we can do to change that.

When your phone system is in the cloud, you have immediate access to your entire voice communication channel, where your desk phone could be a mere docking station for your smartphone when you return to your workplace. When a customer calls, the phone system is able to pull in rich information about the customer right on your smartphone before the call is answered – a big leap ahead of mere caller ID. If you need to collaborate with a coworker to help out a customer, you’ll be able to know your colleague’s availability and pull them in seamlessly, while still engaging the customer – just as if he/she is right down the hall at the office.

We imagined a world where no one needs a voicemail greeting that announces “I’m away from my desk…”, and it has arrived.











Anil Panguluri is the Sr. Director of Mobile Products at RingCentral. Anil’s on a mission to bring highly advanced cloud-based voice communication products to small businesses to help them serve their customers better and coordinate with their co-workers like the big companies do.

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