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Happy 4th of July from the RingCentral Team!

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IMG_4870With the 4th of July holiday upon us we here at RingCentral are excited to spend this 3-day weekend filled with barbecuing, watching fireworks, and spending quality time with friends and family. We are taking advantage of this time to lay back and enjoy a few days soaking up the sun and the red, white and blue. Five of our employees from different departments share their plans for this celebratory day in America and also reflected on some of their favorite holiday memories from past 4th of July weekends.

What are you doing on the Fourth of July?

Picnic Day: Brian Chiosi (Marketing Ops/Demand Generation), is planning on having a picnic with food and a few drinks with friends at San Francisco’s iconic Dolores Park. He then plans to head down to Pier 39 to watch the firework display. He also has plans to see the movie Independence Day 2 at Alamo Drafthouse during the weekend, and will be going to Raven Bar in the city.

Getaway to the Lake: Carolyn Shmunis (Corporate Communications/Social Media), every year she goes to Lake Tahoe for the 4th of July. Growing up she used to go with her family but now she goes with her fiancé and friends. She’ll be staying at a house on the lake in the South Shore for the weekend, boating and barbecuing. Then at night, she’ll be watching the beautiful fireworks show they have on the lake.

Fun-filled: Lovlani Nguyen (Human Resources), on the 4th she is going to have brunch with family in downtown Campbell at a place called Mo’s, then she will head up to San Francisco city at night dressed in her 4th of July gear. She plans on eating dinner at on of her favorite ramen restaurants near Market St., then finishing off the night watching fireworks near Pier 39 and Embarcadero and exploring San Francisco with friends.

Grill & Chill: Deji Odujinrin (Business Services), he also has plans to be staying in a cabin at Lake Tahoe for the whole weekend, hanging out and partying with friends. He’ll be chilling by the lake and grilling good food all weekend long. Later, him and his friends will watch the fireworks near the lake.

Nimerta 4th of July

Family First: Nimerta Grewal (Customer Marketing), she will be attending a get-together at her parents’ house with the entire family, which for her is around 15-20 people! Her nephews, nieces and younger cousins enjoy swimming in the pool and she likes to join them for some good old-fashioned splashing around. At the house they plan on barbecuing, making jokes, and playing with the dogs. At night they set off fireworks in the cul-de-sac of her neighborhood.

What is your favorite Fourth of July memory?

Brian 4th of July 2

Brian: My favorite memory is getting pulled by our speedboat while on the flotation device with my cousin. For some reason, I had an uncontrollable laughter the entire time.

Carolyn: Two years ago for the 4th of July in Tahoe, a big group of people (around 20) and I rented a party bus to Zephyr Cove. There were big pool floats on the lake people could sit on. After that, we went to a private beach near the house we were at and saw a firework show with no one around, just our friends.

Lovlani: I was at my friend’s house last 4th of July and she lives in Communication Hills. From there, we watched fireworks at night and were able to see the fireworks for all of the Bay Area because there was such a nice view.

Deji: My favorite 4th of July memory was from when I was younger and lived in Washington DC. One time we were at a park near the Washington Monument and were able to see the fireworks very clearly. All day, there were families grilling at the park and we all stayed until night to watch the fireworks together.

Nimerta: I don’t think I have a particular favorite memory because every 4th of July is great. In general, I enjoy this day off because I can spend the day with my family and it turns into a big event. A few members of my family set off the fireworks and people all around the neighborhood gather around to watch the show.

What is your favorite Fourth of July food?

Brian: Lobster.

Carolyn: Corn of the cob, potato salad, and all the BBQ sides.

Lovlani: Hot links and macaroni salad.

Deji: Burgers and hot dogs.

Nimerta: Ribs and Kobe steaks.

So whether it’s staying cool by the lake or traversing around the city, we here at RingCentral wish you the best on this special day. Even during this fun filled holiday, we are still working hard to integrate and simplify your business communications so you can be free to operate your business remotely. Happy Independence Day from the RingCentral Family to yours!

Share your favorite 4th of July memories with us in the comments below.

Originally published Jul 04, 2016, updated Aug 11, 2020

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