google edition You’ve depended on Gmail for your personal email for a long time, and now you’re thinking about setting up Google Apps to support the needs of your business. At the same time, you need a cost-effective and flexible business communications solution. Now there’s a new offering from RingCentral and Google that gives you exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Introducing RingCentral Office® Google Edition

The new offering, RingCentral Office Google Edition, provides a unique and cost-efficient integrated solution for enterprises. Priced at $30 USD per user per month, it includes Google Apps Unlimited with unlimited storage and a new edition of RingCentral Office® that integrates with Google Apps and Google Hangouts. This solution provides much richer and more robust enterprise communication capabilities compared to alternative industry solutions like Skype for Business and Microsoft 365.

Functionality-wise, users will be able to make calls right from their browser, send text messages from their work numbers directly in Google, schedule RingCentral web meetings in Gmail that integrate with Google calendar, and a host of other time-saving tasks that leverage the integration. Essentially, office workers can rely on the solution as a hub for all their business communication.

Meeting the need for a future-proofed solution

At RingCentral, where we provide business cloud communication and collaboration applications, we’ve been excited about the transformational capabilities of the cloud since the earliest days of our business in 1999. Now we’re at a point where we are witnessing business communications fundamentally changing. More and more, businesses are turning away from point solutions and towards a rich, cloud-based ecosystem for getting work done. To meet these emerging and complex needs, cloud providers need to deliver more flexible, robust and cost-efficient solutions than ever before.

As enterprises increasingly employ large, globally distributed workforces, we’re seeing greater reliance on cloud productivity and communications tools like Google Apps and RingCentral Office, respectively. As these efficiency-boosting tools become the norm, business workers expect the technologies available to them both to work together seamlessly and to fit the way they work across all the devices they use—from desktop to tablet to mobile phone. Meanwhile, the enterprises that employ these professionals want to protect their investment with a “future-proofed” solution—a solution that can change as fast as their needs do. This is an important component of what the cloud offers: a platform that is continually enhanced, via software release, to add new features, capabilities and integrations.

Changing the way we work and stay productive

In a recent survey of North American enterprises, 69 percent of companies surveyed placed high importance on the ability to integrate voice with business applications within their UC solutions. More and more, workers want to launch chat, voice and video sessions directly from their email, address books, or other productivity tools.

RingCentral and Google together deliver big benefits to enterprises by equipping workers to do just that. RingCentral Office Google Edition enables them to spend more time communicating with customers and less time toggling between apps, dialing and recording all types of communications into the profile. It eliminates the need for customers to use a separate communications application, instead promoting a holistic cloud solution that adds up to significant productivity gains.

More than five million businesses currently use Google Apps. Together and by leveraging joint channel partnerships, Google and RingCentral will bring a powerful new offering to hundreds of thousands of businesses looking to shift to the cloud.

Google has always embraced the multi-cloud ecosystem in order to bring together best-in-class partners to deliver valuable solutions to businesses. We’re proud to be joining with such a forward-looking and influential partner to enable more enterprises to take advantage of all that the cloud has to offer.