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10 Brands Rocking Tumblr


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tumblr1 It might be easy to overlook blogging site Tumblr when you’ve already committed to the large profile social media sites. Mashable recently reported that just 31 of the top 100 brands are on Tumblr. But for the brands who have invested the time in getting to know the advantages of the platform, it has proved to be an opportunity for community building and discovering new audiences; as well as a place for showing off your brand’s philosophy through striking visuals.

Let’s look at ten brands that have made Tumblr their own and have rocked the site with their images, videos and unique take on the world.

1) Adidas

The Adidas Tumblr page is a great source of inspiration for anyone who is looking to see just what’s possible on the blogging site. Fully customized, this media-rich site invites you to explore the world of Adidas: songs, animated GIFs, videos, promotional material, style inspiration and new collections all pull you in and make you want to click and discover more.

Untitled1 2) Disney

The animation giant has such a wealth of wonderful graphics spanning their long history. Fans will be delighted Disney has chosen to share a selection of its best work on Tumblr. From photographs to movie stills, short GIFs and inspirational quotes, the magic of Disney comes alive on this uplifting page.

Untitled2 3) Lexus: The Signal

Lexus’ Tumblr page looks like something from a film noir trailer: slick visuals, a shadowy theme and mysterious statements. It looks great and certainly stands out from the crowd.

lexus tumblr 4) Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola’s Tumblr page is everything you’d expect from the feel-good brand: plenty of fun GIFs, cheerful photos and humorous cartoons, all in Coke’s signature red branding. You can filter posts by the categories #Lol, #Quote, #DIY and #Move.

coke tumblr5) Whole Foods: Dark Rye

Whole Foods has presented its blog in a magazine format, which “brings together pioneers of unconventional ideas to explore the edges of the creative life.” What this means is some great food photography and plenty of community building.

Untitled5 6) Target: On the Dot

Target has cleverly opted to focus on its affordable fashion niche for the Tumblr blog. This appeals to Tumblr’s younger, style-conscious demographic. The blog brings you “a daily dose of Target Style”, with plenty of ideas and fashion inspiration.

Untitled6 7) Tiffany&Co

From Out of the Blue, Tiffany’s official Tumblr page, is full of visual inspiration. From gorgeous photos of jewelry and handbags, to fun animations, to sketches by the company’s designers and inspirational quotes, every single post leaves you wanting more.

Untitled7 8) Sprite

Sprite took the idea of customization and ran with it: it’s a great looking site which just begs you to click on images and creative GIFs. Plus, you can choose one of four style modes to suit your taste.

sprite tumblr 9) General Electric

GE might be a surprise inclusion but the brand has taken its core philosophy of innovation to heart and has embraced social media. GE has one of the most uplifting and exciting collections of photography of any brand. With a core focus on the wonders and possibilities of technology, this forward-thinking brand has rocked Tumblr with photos and video collections.

Untitled9 10) Ford: Go Further

Ford has settled on a tight format for its Tumblr page: graphics that demonstrate that in life there doesn’t have to be an ‘or’ option because “and is better”. That sounds pretty specific, but it means that there are humorous pie charts and GIFs showing Ford’s take on life.

ford tumblr Focus on a niche. If you’re having trouble deciding what to post, try to concentrate on a niche that works for Tumblr’s stylish and younger audience. Don’t try to cram everything in: as you can see, some of the best brands are the ones who have chosen a specific theme that sums up brand pathos perfectly.

What are some of your favorite brands that inspire you on Tumblr?

[Feature image courtesy of Ingvar Bjork /]

Originally published Jan 27, 2015, updated Aug 12, 2020

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