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A teleconferencing feature that lets you join any meeting from any phone


Getting in an online meeting is the best way to meet and engage with multiple people at the same time from different locations. However, not everyone will be able to just hop in a video conference. The next best thing is to simply call in from any available phone nearby.


Connect multiple people in one call from anywhere

Teleconference is a feature that enables people to call into a virtual meeting through any phone. From a landline or a mobile phone, each person can dial in to a central conferencing line and be able to talk to the other people who are in the meeting.

It is usually in audio-only format, since the callers will be joining in through regular landlines or their mobile devices. Although people can also dial in to online meetings with video if they have the right equipment on hand, they will typically be limited to audio. This feature allows anyone to join any meeting even if they have no internet connection.


Joining and setting up a conference call

To join any RingCentral MVP from your landline or mobile phone, just call the dial-in number and enter the Meeting ID included on the invite. You will then be connected to the online meeting, though you will be limited to audio only while those who joined via the RingCentral MVP app have full access to video and other features.

If you want to set up a purely audio-based conference call, you can schedule it in advance via the RingCentral MVP app. Participants and even the host can simply dial in from any phone without anyone logged into the app when it’s time to meet. In this case, it is best to have the “join before host” enabled so participants can start even without the host. You can also have video conferencing with screen share and video options turned off, so people will still be limited to audio like the rest of the participants even if they’re using the app.


Host a meeting with up to 100 people

When we say multiple participants, we don’t mean just three or more people. You can actually host up to 100 participants in one online meeting. Participants with internet access and devices with visual components like laptops and tablets will get the full features of the RingCentral MVP including screen sharing, whiteboard, and team messaging, while those using landline and mobile phones will be limited to audio.

And the great thing is the quality of the call will not suffer as more people dial in to the conference call. The technology allows for multiple participants without experiencing echoes, scrambled audio, and crackling noises, which allows meetings to run seamlessly.


Easy and convenient conferencing

  • Call into meetings from regular landlines, mobile devices, or from VoIP-enabled devices like desk IP phones and IP conference phones.
  • Participants are not limited to any device. People who use the Meetings app and those who dial in through landlines or their mobile phone’s carrier minutes can interact in the same meeting.
  • The teleconferencing feature is perfect for when participants have no immediate internet access, are more comfortable with phones, or simply want to have better audio by using IP Phones or conference phones with HD voice to connect to the call.


Easily manage your conference call

  • Easily send invites to participants. Dial-in codes and Meeting IDs are automatically included via email or calendar invites.
  • You can also set up the entry and exit chimes. So even without the benefit of seeing your RingCentral MVP app, you know when there are people joining or exiting the call.


Not just an internal teleconference system

  • Invite participants outside your RingCentral network. There are no restrictions. You can invite anyone to your conference call, including people outside your company. Send invites to customers, clients, suppliers, vendors, investors, and more.
  • Include local number invites from different countries. You can also encourage participants from other countries to join a conference call by including local dial-in numbers in the invite to avoid additional toll charges.
  • Offer toll-free or premium conference numbers. You can offer your participants abroad additional toll-free or premium conference numbers in over 80 countries.

What additional conferencing features are included here?

More than just a teleconferencing service

  • Call Me and Call Out Feature. Through the RingCentral App, the host and participants are able to instantly call a phone number and connect it to the conference call. Call Me lets you switch audio from RingCentral MVP to your phone without having it to dial the Meeting ID. The Call Out feature lets you call the phone of a participant so they don’t have to dial in. This function is disabled by default, but you can ask RingCentral Support to enable it for you.
  • Record conference calls. Meetings can be recorded from the RingCentral MVP app and accessed in the account used to set up the call. However, hosts who use landlines or mobile phones cannot use the record feature.


Take conference calls to another level

  • Acquire best-in-class conference VoIP phones. Get top-of-the-line conference VoIP phones from trusted brands like Polycom. These speaker phones feature HD voice for a superior teleconference experience.
  • Get a cloud telepresence room. Turn an ordinary room into a state-of-the-art conference room without having to buy expensive hardware. RingCentral Rooms is a RingCentral MVP extension that uses off-the-shelf equipment to turn a designated room into its own HD telepresence room system.
  • Enjoy online meetings with screen sharing. If all participants have internet access, it would be better if they access the call through RingCentral MVP. This way they will enjoy the full features of the service, including HD video, screen sharing, and team messaging.
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