3 Cool Ways to Use Free File Sharing in Your RingCentral App

Cloud-based file sharing capability? Great. For one thing, it helps your team keep important files from getting lost in email threads. When you can integrate sharing capability into your team messaging app, that’s even better. It means you can drop a file right into the flow of your team chat—without losing the momentum of the conversation. And a free file sharing tool integrated into your chat app? That’s greater still.

But the RingCentral team messaging and collaboration feature, Glip, takes free file sharing even further. Check out these cool things it lets your team do.

Annotate your shared file without affecting the original

When someone uploads a file to a Glip conversation, everyone in that chat group has the ability to add notes without alerting (or even opening) the original file.

Glip lets you open a preview of the file, drop a pin wherever on the document you’d like to add a suggestion or ask a question, and then type your message right into a message box. The file’s author and other teammates will see your pinned comment, so they can react. But the file itself? It stays clean and untouched, so the author doesn’t have to deal with a bunch of file versions with different people’s edits.

Upload your shared file anywhere—chat message, task, or calendar event

When you’re in a fast-moving text conversation with coworkers, you don’t want to have to leave the discussion, go find a file, send it to everyone via email, and then jump back in and tell everyone it’s waiting for them in their inboxes. That’s why it’s great that the RingCentral app’s free online file sharing feature lets you drag and drop a file into a team chat in real time.

With the RingCentral app, you’re not limited to attaching files just to your chats. You can also add a file directly to a new task you’re creating, or attach it to an event you added to your team calendar.

Wherever you are in your Glip workspace, whatever type of team collaboration you’re engaged in, you can share a file right there.

Share your files straight from your favorite cloud apps

Let’s say you’re in a Glip conversation with your team, and you want to show everyone the latest draft of something you’ve been working on—but that file isn’t on your hard drive. It’s in your Dropbox account. No problem.

The RingCentral app integrates with popular file sharing apps like Box, Google Drive, and Dropbox. That means you can locate and grab files from your other app and drop it into a team chat just as easily as if it was on your computer.

Great, right? And free file sharing is just one reason so many people are crazy about Glip

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