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Progressive: Efficient connections with live agents
Predictive: Optimized call volume and agent availability with intelligent predictions
Preview: Streamline research, prioritize calls, and develop connections
Agent being able to positively engage with customers because of the auto dialer

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Number 1: Progressive Dialer

Progressive Dialer

Gain phone dialing efficiency with the peace of mind that your customers will be connected with a live agent, every time, with a smart power dialer


Lead lists where quality contact with individuals means more than the quantity of leads being dialed.
Number 2: Predictive Dialer

Predictive Dialer

Dial more often with fewer errors as it intelligently predicts which agent is ready to answer the next call the soonest


Contact centers looking to improve sales agent contact rates or manage leads more effectively.
Number 3: Preview Dialer

Preview Dialer

Make research and call-selection simple so call center agents can focus on developing a personal connection for each call


High-touch, high-value interactions giving agents time to research and prepare.
Number 4: TCPA Compliance for Dialers

TCPA Safe Dial

Full-featured manual dialer with a familiar agent-ui and with built-in compliance supporting tools


Safely calling customers with cellular phones that have not opted into a campaign.
Information windows to support agents

Arm agents with the information, tools, and guidance they need to own every moment

Keep agents well-informed

with quick access to customer information and seamless syncing between agent desktop and external applications

Focus on winning customers, not troubleshooting tech

with simplified, intuitive UI

Smooth out the sales process

with guided engagement flows that automatically adapt to each customer interaction
A contact center manager coaching a new agent

Never stop improving the way your business wins–and serves–customers

Boost agent performance

with real-time call center manager or supervisor coaching capabilities from Monitor, Chat Suggestions, and Barge-in

Understand where help is needed

with at-a-glance visibility of live reporting dashboards that analyze agent success

Improve quality assurance

with closed feedback loops from readily available call recordings
Call center agents high-fiving

Give agents the power to get more done

Make stronger connections

with automated dialers and blending in the background leading the way to live prospects and increased productivity

Count on 99.99% uptime

from dependable connections that don’t leave agents or customers hanging

Tailor campaigns to your goals

with rule-setting and data integration capabilities for establishing who you’re calling, when you’re calling, and how often
Engaged customer holding a mobile device

Create trust and promote positive customer engagements

Mind regulations as you go

with Safe Dial, featuring TCPA compliance-supporting tools, human intervention, and time zone conscious technology

Respect your customers

with seamless DNC list integration that lets customers opt out and helps agents stay aware of their choice

Encourage call-backs

with around-the-clock reachability from real call back numbers, IVR, intelligent blending, and inbound routing

What is an auto dialer?

An auto dialer is typically a software-based outbound contact center solution, which helps agents by automatically dialing customers’ phone numbers from a database of leads. Depending on the company using it, the system can be configured to play a prerecorded message or connect the call to a live agent. Basic dialing modes include:

Predictive Dialers

The software dials numbers even before agents are available

Progressive Dialers

The software immediately dials the next number once an agent is available

Preview Dialers

The software delivers contact records prior to the call so agents can review them before engagement

Automated phone dialers are widely used as customer support or telemarketing software, but their benefits are also being seen in other fields. Apart from outbound sales calls and surveys, you can also conduct calling campaigns as/for:

  • Public reminders (e.g. government bodies advising constituents to vote)
  • Emergency notification solutions (e.g. schools alerting parents of a campus emergency)
  • Appointment scheduling and appointment reminders (e.g. doctor’s offices reminding patients of a scheduled visit)

How does a dialer work?

An automatic dialing system isn’t a pain to set up. You typically only need the dialer software, a computer, a voice modem*, and an active telephone line. If you’re using VoIP, you won’t need a modem (and the physical telephone line).

It all starts with the auto dialing software telling the computer which numbers to auto dial and how to respond to different scenarios (i.e. when it gets a busy signal or a voicemail, or when a live person picks up the phone). But before the phone system connects, the software decides which number to call and the duration of talk time.

Calls are usually answered within 25 seconds, which is about the amount of time it takes for a phone to ring four times. If no one answers, the call will be dropped and forwarded to voicemail. This is also the case for busy signals. Here are some key technologies behind a dialing system:

  • Voice broadcast - Relay an important message to a list of customers simultaneously.
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) - You can use voice broadcast with an IVR and include an option that involves pressing a key to generate touch tones, allowing the recipient to listen to a call recording and interact with the system.
  • Answering machine detection - As the name implies, it detects whether or not a call is being picked up by an actual person.
  • Call routing - Once the software recognizes a person or an answering machine, it takes action accordingly.
* A voice modem is a device that enables the computer to play prerecorded voicemails and other forms of audio messages over the phone line.

Are auto dialers illegal?

Given that automated phone calling can seem too intrusive for the comfort of many individuals, there have been questions about their legality. There is, in fact, an existing law that limits the use of automated phone dialers. But don’t let that send you into a panic—unless you use them irresponsibly, there is nothing for you to worry about. To ensure you can avoid conflict with the law, partner with a reputable provider like RingCentral.

How much is an auto dialer?

Depending on your needs, be prepared to shell out a few hundred dollars for standard, downloadable software that can manage only one outbound call at a time, to thousands of dollars for professional, more advanced software that allows thousands of automated outbound calls per hour. Dialer software providers can charge upfront, per call, monthly, or annually. You’ll be able to save more when you get comprehensive cloud call center software like RingCentral RingCX.

What is the best auto dialer software?

The best dialer software is one that empowers your call center agents, boosts your outbound calling strategy, promotes workflow automation, and ultimately helps deliver enhanced customer experiences. RingCentral RingCX, for instance, is an omnichannel contact center solution that features dialer systems aimed at championing your agents so they could deliver beyond expectations. Your best option is the one that can give you everything you need now and in the future.

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