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RingCentral Support site updates

New site, Single Sign-on, and chatbots.

Launching the new RingCentral Support site

The success.ringcentral.com URL will be changed to support.ringcentral.com. This isn’t just a change in name, but a change in the entire customer experience. There are more channels, easier interfaces, and faster access to information. Interact with other RingCentral users, and reach support with features like our live chat, Ask RingCentral.

Sign in to access account information at a glance

You don’t need to remember any extra passwords or face any other obstacles to get to your account information. Once you’ve logged in to the new Support site with your RingCentral ID, you’ll be able to see your cases, billing, and contact information right from the homepage. You will also gain access to several resources to help answer your questions, such as our new knowledge base articles, now accompanied by step-by-step videos.

New chat launched in Admin Portal, ringcentral.com, and Support site

Ask RingCentral, our new chat, is available for the first time in the Admin Portal and has been improved on ringcentral.com and the Support site. As well as having a new interface, you can now connect to the right person and information faster, receive relevant recommendations, search the knowledge base, and contact sales—all via Ask RingCentral. This new feature provides a consistent point of contact for rapid answers and simple transactions.

Watch our November feature release webinar.

Our RingCentral University training team provides a more in-depth review of our recent updates and enhanced features.

For more detailed information on all our latest updates, check out the November 2018 release notes.
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