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Calling updates

New data visualizations, easier-to-use reporting, expanded multi-location management, and more.

Analytics Portal

The Analytics Portal consolidates existing reports into one easy-to-use experience with faster performance and more powerful endpoint reporting. Enhanced data visualization means you can access dashboards with over 30 new key performance metrics. You can also clearly see trends, call patterns, and dig deeper to uncover more use cases. Better insights and faster troubleshooting mean more agility, cost savings, and potential for revenue growth.
Key features include:
  • Device Status Reports
  • Performance Reports
  • Company Number Reports
  • Quality of Service Reports
  • Live Reports
  • Meetings Dashboard

Zero Dialing for multi-site support

RingCentral multi-site support with Zero Dialing offers a more efficient and personalized experience to both the business and its callers. It allows you to configure and manage different office locations under one account. A site can configure its own call routing flow so callers are routed to a specific site instead of the company's headquarters and top-level menu.

Polycom Trio 8500

RingCentral constantly strives to accommodate all our customers at every price point, with multiple options that best suit their business needs. We’ve expanded our hardware phone offerings with the Trio 8500, a cost-effective conference phone ideal for small to mid-sized conference or huddle rooms.
*Available on your account starting mid-November. Contact sales for more information.

Watch our November feature release webinar.

Our RingCentral University training team provides a more in-depth review of our recent updates and enhanced features.

For more detailed information on all our latest updates, check out the November 2018 release notes.
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