What’s New

Intuitive calling enhancements

Enhanced survivability, configurable call queues, and new service status site.

RingCentral Persist™

RingCentral Persist offers advanced cloud capabilities and site resilience in the event of an outage. This new feature allows your organization to maintain communications services in the case of an internet failure. It's easy for your IT team to deploy, and there will be no service interruption for end users. The key service features that are continuously maintained include:

  • Emergency calling
  • Extension-to-extension dialing
  • Inbound and outbound calling
  • Call-back capabilities

Trust site

Visit our new trust site for real-time updates on the status of your RingCentral service without having to log in with your RingCentral credentials. Simple to access and navigate, you can view the status of your core services by feature and region, allowing you to quickly determine what needs immediate attention.

Configurable call queues

Your admins now have more flexibility when configuring call queue settings. They can give agents more context on incoming calls by assigning a name to each direct number that’s added to a call queue. Plus, they can customize how call information is displayed across desk phones and softphones by choosing whether to display phone number names, caller ID names, or queue names.


Watch our May feature release webinar.

Our RingCentral University training team provides a more in-depth review of our recent updates and enhanced features.

For more detailed information on all our latest updates, check out the May 2019 release notes.
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