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Global updates

Enjoy simplified online number requests, local dialing in three new countries, and enhanced auto provisioning.

February 2019 Release

Online number requests

This February through April, RingCentral will undertake a phased rollout of a streamlined process for ordering new Global Office® and international virtual numbers. Admins will soon be able to receive and submit any documents required by a country through the online RingCentral portal. At this time, this capability can be used for new numbers only, not porting requests.

Enhanced auto-provisioning support

RingCentral has enhanced auto-provisioning support (via Active Directory and G Suite) for Global Office users in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, and Poland. Now admins for these countries can auto-sync their directories down to the city level when making any moves, adds, or changes. End users will then receive an onboarding notification with their local RingCentral phone number. To automate provisioning between locations, accounts must have already purchased numbers for each city.

Local dialing in Australia, Mexico, and China*

RingCentral has extended local dialing support to Global Office users in Australia, Mexico, and China. After setting a prefered local area code, users can then simply use seven- or eight-digit dialing to place local phone calls within their region, no area code or country code required.
*Global Office access in China is available via gateway solution. Please speak to your Sales Representative for details.

Watch our February feature release webinar.

Our RingCentral University training team provides a more in-depth review of our recent updates and enhanced features.

For more detailed information on all our latest updates, check out the February 2019 release notes.
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