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Calling updates

Accessibility support, flexible call handling features, extended dial plans, and more.

February 2019 Release

Accessibility support

We’ve improved accessibility support for RingCentral Office® users with visual and motor impairments by providing enhanced color contrast, alternate text for images and links, zooming and scaling, and improved keyboard navigation. These improvements apply to both the RingCentral Phone™ app and the Admin Portal.

Call Delegation

For assistants who manage calls for multiple executives, Call Delegation provides all parties a simplified dashboard of active calls. From their desktops, assistants can easily place, answer, or even join calls on behalf of executives. Executives also have the flexibility to answer transferred calls either from their softphone or desk phone.

Enterprise dial plan

Enterprise customers requiring a larger dial plan now have the ability to increase extension lengths from six to eight digits. In addition, administrators now have the option to configure an outbound call prefix so users immediately know whether they’re dialing internal or external numbers. Also, multi-site customers can now use site codes to shorten extension lengths.

Polycom® Skyline phones

We’ve expanded our desk phone portfolio to include the new Polycom VVX® series, four affordable new phones that feature an intuitive color interface for easy navigation, HD voice technology for exceptional quality, and a web-based configuration tool for simple setup and deployment. In supported countries, you can directly order and provision them straight from your online account.

Watch our February feature release webinar.

Our RingCentral University training team provides a more in-depth review of our recent updates and enhanced features.

For more detailed information on all our latest updates, check out the February 2019 release notes.
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