RingCentral Phone Release Notes
Version: 20.4
December 2020
  • Added Citrix support (RingCentral Phone Citrix plugin installation required).
  • Added support for Dutch and Korean languages.
  • [Windows] Added ability to control app icon notification flash in the taskbar.
  • [Mac] Added ability to control app icon notification bounce in the dock.
  • Added support for JPEG files in MMS messages.
  • Bug fixes.
Version: 20.3
August 2020
  • Ability to search by Title in the Contacts tab.
  • Added search field to the Favorites tab.
  • Bug fixes.
Version: 20.2
June 2020
  • Collaborate with multiple recipients by sending a group text message.
  • Send text messages individually to many recipients at once.
  • Added support for Jabra headset call controls.
  • Make calls using a local phone line in restricted markets (e.g. India). Manual configuration of PBX & lines required.
  • Bug fixes.
Version: 20.1
March 2020
  • Added support for PSTN gateway devices.
  • Bug fixes and security improvements.
Version: 19.4
 December 2019
  • Added ability to reduce or mute other sounds during a phone call.
  • Added a spell checker.
  • Bug fixes and security improvements.
Version: 19.3
September 2019
  • Added Kerberos authentication protocol support for Single Sign-On.
  • New Dynamic Conferencing enables you to manage (add/remove, mute/unmute) participants in an active conference.
  • Bug fixes and security improvements.
Version: 19.2
July 2019
  • Added ability to configure call queue display. Administrators can now assign text labels to incoming IVR or Call Queue phone numbers and configure what call information is displayed so queue members know how to greet callers.
  • Improved local dialing functionality in Australia, Mexico, and China.
  • Added ability to view contact details by clicking on the avatar or name in the details of the call or message.
  • Bug fixes and security improvements.
Version: 11.0
March 2019
  • Added support for Chinese languages (Simplified, Traditional, Hong Kong).
  • Added support for up to 8 digit extensions.
  • Added ability to pause automatic call recording.
  • Added ability to make and receive calls, when RingCentral services are not available.
  • Added ability to use operating system built-in notification to display incoming calls.
  • Added ability to enforce Single-Sign On services as the only login method for users.
  • Bug fixes and user experience improvements.
Version: 10.3
December 2018
  • Added support Chile, Colombia and Costa Rica.
  • Delegated Calls: allows sharing of the line of a select Executive with one or several Assistants through Bridged Call Appearance.
  • New "Calls only" mode for Single Sign-On - added ability to make and receive calls, when RingCentral services are not available.
  • Accessibility support.
  • Bug fixes and user experience improvements.
Version: 10.2
September 2018
  • Added support Croatia and Hungary.
  • Increased speed of the SMS/MMS delivery.
  • Added the ability to selectively delete call records.
  • Added ability to display custom status message from profile.
  • Updated application icon.
  • Added Kerberos authentication support on Windows.
  • Bug fixes and user experience improvements.
Version: 10.1
May, 2018
  • Added support for Japanese and Portuguese languages.
  • Select the contact number to display on the status bar from your profile.
  • Call screening support – caller name will be played during incoming call.
  • Improved background noise cancellation for phone calls.
  • Bug fixes and user experience improvements.
Version: 10.0
February, 2018
  • Application has been renamed to RingCentral Phone.
  • Added access to Google Directory contacts.
  • Introduced new style of system notifications on Windows 10.
  • Bug fixes and user experience improvements.
Version: 9.4
December, 2017
  • Improved application startup time.
  • Added ability to change "Do not disturb" setting from the system tray icon.
  • Added ability to change the Caller ID for outgoing faxes.
  • Bug fixes and user experience improvements.
Version: 9.3
 October, 2017
  • App will now attempt to recover the call after temporary network loss.
  • Move an active call from another device here.
  • Added fully customizable hotkeys in Settings.
  • Added pause support during dialing.
  • Optimized application memory consumption
Version: 9.2
August, 2017
  • Promote a 3-way active call to a conference call.
  • Selective ringing on HUD: configure extensions allowed to ring your phone.
  • Added support for Spanish and Italian.
  • Improved user experience of the "Call Flip" feature.
  • Call queue and IVR numbers are now available in the caller ID dropdown.
Version: 9.1
May, 2017
  • MMS support: Send messages featuring images, videos and other multimedia files.
  • Flexible Install: Now install the app without admin rights (Windows only).
  • Dedicated App Volume: Control app volume independent of the system level volume.
  • Caller ID Sync: Changes to the outbound caller ID are now synchronized with your online account settings.
Version: 8.4
February, 2017
  • Email Login: Login using your company email or Google email is now supported.
  • Group Conference Call: Users can initiate a conference call with group participants from within a group message.
  • In Product Messages: Users automatically receive the latest RingCentral product and feature news from within the application.
  • Performance Improvements: Scroll bar enhancements and instant missed call notifications.
  • RingCentral® Global Office™: Unify and connect your international workforce. Now supporting Argentina, Brazil, Chile, New Zealand, Poland, and Slovakia.
  • Improved Emojis: High Definition Emojis are now supported.
  • Controlled Software Updates: For enabled accounts, admins can now turn off in-app updates for end users.
  • Calling Information Display on HUD: For enabled accounts, incoming and outgoing calling information can now be blocked from displaying.
  • Plantronics Headsets: Voyager UC and Savi 700 Series are now supported.
Version: 8.3
September, 2016
  • Google contacts - view and sync your Google contacts.
  • Join Now enhancements - Outlook (Windows) and iCal (Mac) calendars now supported. Improved discoverability to quickly find and enable this feature.
  • Added access to On-Demand Call Recordings.
  • Application language now follows computer’s language settings by default. You may customize this option in the application settings.
  • Contacts are now sorted alphabetically first, numerically next, and by special characters last.
  • Active Calls screen is now only displayed when there is at least one active call.
  • RingCentral Global Office now supports Australia, Israel, Luxembourg, Romania, and Czech Republic.
  • Enhanced usability of the Favorites feature.
  • Redesigned Call Screens - Improved incoming and active call screens layout provides a more streamlined calling experience.
Version: 8.2
July, 2016
  • Introduced Join Now - add your Google calendar, view upcoming events and join meetings.
  • Added support for emojis in conversations.
  • Improved call quality adjusting to varying network conditions.
  • Redesigned Settings to simplify user experience.
  • Added ability to adjust microphone settings.
  • Streamlined Do Not Disturb status to be more discoverable in the user profile screen.
  • RingCentral Global Office now supports Austria, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Portugal and Taiwan.
Version: 8.1
May, 2016
  • Added support for application languages in British English, German, and French.
  • Global Office now supports Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, and Sweden.
  • Audio conferencing now supports up to seven concurrent participants.
  • Introduced a new fax template with additional fields for recipient name and company.
  • Inbound caller ID now displays dialed extensions alongside main company number.
  • Added support for user roles defined in the account.
  • HD voice is enabled automatically by default. The setting is now removed from the app.
  • Improved application performance and memory utilization.
Version: 8.0
February, 2016
  • Favorites list is now synchronized with the RingCentral cloud and is accessible from RingCentral for Desktop app.
  • New user profile screen.
  • New outbound caller ID options - blocked caller ID and account default caller ID.
  • Improved HD voice quality (On select plans only).
  • Global Office now supports Mexico, Singapore and the Phillipines.
  • Improved HUD interface with search capabilities.
  • Ability to automatically launch desktop application as minimized.
  • Display IVR caller replies.
  • Ability to disconnect a caller from a multi-way call without splitting calls.
  • Sound notification when a call ends.
  • Automatically send crash reports to RingCentral.
  • Outlook 2016 Support (Windows only).
Version: 7.5
January, 2016
  • Global Office now supports Ireland, Spain, and Switzerland.
  • Answer and control your call with Plantronics headsets.
  • Your profile image is now synced to the cloud and can be viewed from any device.
  • New settings to handle incoming calls in the main or separate pop-up window.
  • New option to turn off the ringer.
  • Access functionalities with navigation shortcuts and keyboard.
  • Improved calling services stability.
  • Easily search your contacts from one consolidated contact list.
  • Import contacts from external sources to the cloud.
  • New settings for audio devices testing.
  • Smart notification when the speaker volume is too low.
  • Improved contacts filtering capabilities.
  • New hotkeys in the settings.
Version: 7.4
October, 2015
  • International Branch Office feature offers phone system with local numbers, global corporate directory and unified billing for 3 new countries (Germany, France, Netherlands).
  • Sent faxes are now available in the Messages tab.
  • Added "Forward" and "Re-send" options for inbound and outbound faxes.
  • Increased character limit for text messages to 1000.
  • Improved calling reliability.
  • Improved 3-way calling experience.
  • Updated color scheme to improve contrast and accessibility.
  • Added a button to bring up Glip – the new team collaboration tool from RingCentral.
  • Added hover over effect for active elements in lists and pop-ups.
  • Optimized memory consumption.
Version: 7.3
August, 2015
  • International Branch Office support offers phone system with local numbers, global corporate directory and unified billing.
  • Added call list area for easy and intuitive visual call management.
  • New incoming call window can now be dismissed.
  • Park location groups are now available and can be used on HUD.
  • Call Monitoring - supervisors can now listen in, whisper, join, and take over calls.
  • You can now easily change your audio source from the active call screen.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Bring to foreground" feature.
  • Optimized memory consumption of the application.
Version: 7.2
June, 2015
  • New Call Window – the incoming call(s) display in the window on top of the application.
  • End-call Notification – sound notification when the call is ended.
  • Hold Status – new "Call on hold" status for calls placed on hold locally.
  • Scan to Fax – ability to scan directly from softphone when composing fax.
  • HUD – capability to monitor and transfer calls to the company contacts with permission in the dock or undocked view.
  • Canada Free Digital Line – Canada customers are now eligible to get a free digital line after this option is configured by administrator.
  • French Support – Canada customers can now select French as the default application language.
  • Performance and design of conversation threads.
  • Improved design for better readability.
  • Better organized content in Settings.
  • Improved call log refresh accuracy.
Version: 7.1
April, 2015
  • Modify Cover Page Info – review and modify cover page info prior to.
  • Outlook and Mac Contacts Photo Support – photo support when accessing Outlook and Mac contacts.
  • Set Default Calling and Fax – set RingCentral for Windows as default calling and fax application.
  • Hotkeys for Mac – dial and fax hot key support.
  • Transfer to voicemail – transfer calls directly to an extension’s voicemail.
  • Increase Favorites – add up to 60 contacts to Favorites.
  • Single Sign-On – use corporate domain credentials to log in.
  • Additional Call Indicators– visual indicators when a call is secure and using HD voice.