Version: 11.0 March 2019
  • Added support for Chinese languages (Simplified, Traditional, Hong Kong).
  • Added support for up to 8 digit extensions.
  • Added ability to pause automatic call recording.
  • Added ability to make and receive calls, when RingCentral services are not available.
  • Added ability to use operating system built-in notification to display incoming calls.
  • Added ability to enforce Single-Sign On services as the only login method for users.
  • Bug fixes and user experience improvements.
Version: 10.3 December 2018
  • Added support Chile, Colombia and Costa Rica.
  • Delegated Calls: allows sharing of the line of a select Executive with one or several Assistants through Bridged Call Appearance.
  • New "Calls only" mode for Single Sign-On - added ability to make and receive calls, when RingCentral services are not available.
  • Accessibility support.
  • Bug fixes and user experience improvements.
Version: 10.2 September 2018
  • Added support Croatia and Hungary.
  • Increased speed of the SMS/MMS delivery.
  • Added the ability to selectively delete call records.
  • Added ability to display custom status message from profile.
  • Updated application icon.
  • Added Kerberos authentication support on Windows.
  • Bug fixes and user experience improvements.
Version: 10.1 May, 2018
  • Added support for Japanese and Portuguese languages.
  • Select the contact number to display on the status bar from your profile.
  • Call screening support – caller name will be played during incoming call.
  • Improved background noise cancellation for phone calls.
  • Bug fixes and user experience improvements.
Version: 10.0 February, 2018
  • Application has been renamed to RingCentral Phone.
  • Added access to Google Directory contacts.
  • Introduced new style of system notifications on Windows 10.
  • Bug fixes and user experience improvements.
Version: 9.4 December, 2017
  • Improved application startup time.
  • Added ability to change "Do not disturb" setting from the system tray icon.
  • Added ability to change the Caller ID for outgoing faxes.
  • Bug fixes and user experience improvements.
Version: 9.3 October, 2017
  • App will now attempt to recover the call after temporary network loss.
  • Move an active call from another device here.
  • Added fully customizable hotkeys in Settings.
  • Added pause support during dialing.
  • Optimized application memory consumption
Version: 9.2 August, 2017
  • Promote a 3-way active call to a conference call.
  • Selective ringing on HUD: configure extensions allowed to ring your phone.
  • Added support for Spanish and Italian.
  • Improved user experience of the "Call Flip" feature.
  • Call queue and IVR numbers are now available in the caller ID dropdown.
Version: 9.1 May, 2017
  • MMS support: Send messages featuring images, videos and other multimedia files.
  • Flexible Install: Now install the app without admin rights (Windows only).
  • Dedicated App Volume: Control app volume independent of the system level volume.
  • Caller ID Sync: Changes to the outbound caller ID are now synchronized with your online account settings.
Version: 8.4 February, 2017
  • Email Login: Login using your company email or Google email is now supported.
  • Group Conference Call: Users can initiate a conference call with group participants from within a group message.
  • In Product Messages: Users automatically receive the latest RingCentral product and feature news from within the application.
  • Performance Improvements: Scroll bar enhancements and instant missed call notifications.
  • RingCentral® Global Office™: Unify and connect your international workforce. Now supporting Argentina, Brazil, Chile, New Zealand, Poland, and Slovakia.
  • Improved Emojis: High Definition Emojis are now supported.
  • Controlled Software Updates: For enabled accounts, admins can now turn off in-app updates for end users.
  • Calling Information Display on HUD: For enabled accounts, incoming and outgoing calling information can now be blocked from displaying.
  • Plantronics Headsets: Voyager UC and Savi 700 Series are now supported.
Version: 8.3 September, 2016
  • Google contacts - view and sync your Google contacts.
  • Join Now enhancements - Outlook (Windows) and iCal (Mac) calendars now supported. Improved discoverability to quickly find and enable this feature.
  • Added access to On-Demand Call Recordings.
  • Application language now follows computer’s language settings by default. You may customize this option in the application settings.
  • Contacts are now sorted alphabetically first, numerically next, and by special characters last.
  • Active Calls screen is now only displayed when there is at least one active call.
  • RingCentral Global Office now supports Australia, Israel, Luxembourg, Romania, and Czech Republic.
  • Enhanced usability of the Favorites feature.
  • Redesigned Call Screens - Improved incoming and active call screens layout provides a more streamlined calling experience.
Version: 8.2 July, 2016
  • Introduced Join Now - add your Google calendar, view upcoming events and join meetings.
  • Added support for emojis in conversations.
  • Improved call quality adjusting to varying network conditions.
  • Redesigned Settings to simplify user experience.
  • Added ability to adjust microphone settings.
  • Streamlined Do Not Disturb status to be more discoverable in the user profile screen.
  • RingCentral Global Office now supports Austria, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Portugal and Taiwan.
Version: 8.1 May, 2016
  • Added support for application languages in British English, German, and French.
  • Global Office now supports Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, and Sweden.
  • Audio conferencing now supports up to seven concurrent participants.
  • Introduced a new fax template with additional fields for recipient name and company.
  • Inbound caller ID now displays dialed extensions alongside main company number.
  • Added support for user roles defined in the account.
  • HD voice is enabled automatically by default. The setting is now removed from the app.
  • Improved application performance and memory utilization.
Version: 8.0 February, 2016
  • Favorites list is now synchronized with the RingCentral cloud and is accessible from RingCentral for Desktop app.
  • New user profile screen.
  • New outbound caller ID options - blocked caller ID and account default caller ID.
  • Improved HD voice quality (On select plans only).
  • Global Office now supports Mexico, Singapore and the Phillipines.
  • Improved HUD interface with search capabilities.
  • Ability to automatically launch desktop application as minimized.
  • Display IVR caller replies.
  • Ability to disconnect a caller from a multi-way call without splitting calls.
  • Sound notification when a call ends.
  • Automatically send crash reports to RingCentral.
  • Outlook 2016 Support (Windows only).
Version: 7.5 January, 2016
  • Global Office now supports Ireland, Spain, and Switzerland.
  • Answer and control your call with Plantronics headsets.
  • Your profile image is now synced to the cloud and can be viewed from any device.
  • New settings to handle incoming calls in the main or separate pop-up window.
  • New option to turn off the ringer.
  • Access functionalities with navigation shortcuts and keyboard.
  • Improved calling services stability.
  • Easily search your contacts from one consolidated contact list.
  • Import contacts from external sources to the cloud.
  • New settings for audio devices testing.
  • Smart notification when the speaker volume is too low.
  • Improved contacts filtering capabilities.
  • New hotkeys in the settings.
Version: 7.4 October, 2015
  • International Branch Office feature offers phone system with local numbers, global corporate directory and unified billing for 3 new countries (Germany, France, Netherlands).
  • Sent faxes are now available in the Messages tab.
  • Added "Forward" and "Re-send" options for inbound and outbound faxes.
  • Increased character limit for text messages to 1000.
  • Improved calling reliability.
  • Improved 3-way calling experience.
  • Updated color scheme to improve contrast and accessibility.
  • Added a button to bring up Glip – the new team collaboration tool from RingCentral.
  • Added hover over effect for active elements in lists and pop-ups.
  • Optimized memory consumption.
Version: 7.3 August, 2015
  • International Branch Office support offers phone system with local numbers, global corporate directory and unified billing.
  • Added call list area for easy and intuitive visual call management.
  • New incoming call window can now be dismissed.
  • Park location groups are now available and can be used on HUD.
  • Call Monitoring - supervisors can now listen in, whisper, join, and take over calls.
  • You can now easily change your audio source from the active call screen.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Bring to foreground" feature.
  • Optimized memory consumption of the application.
Version: 7.2 June, 2015
  • New Call Window – the incoming call(s) display in the window on top of the application.
  • End-call Notification – sound notification when the call is ended.
  • Hold Status – new "Call on hold" status for calls placed on hold locally.
  • Scan to Fax – ability to scan directly from softphone when composing fax.
  • HUD – capability to monitor and transfer calls to the company contacts with permission in the dock or undocked view.
  • Canada Free Digital Line – Canada customers are now eligible to get a free digital line after this option is configured by administrator.
  • French Support – Canada customers can now select French as the default application language.
  • Performance and design of conversation threads.
  • Improved design for better readability.
  • Better organized content in Settings.
  • Improved call log refresh accuracy.
Version: 7.1 April, 2015
  • Modify Cover Page Info – review and modify cover page info prior to.
  • Outlook and Mac Contacts Photo Support – photo support when accessing Outlook and Mac contacts.
  • Set Default Calling and Fax – set RingCentral for Windows as default calling and fax application.
  • Hotkeys for Mac – dial and fax hot key support.
  • Transfer to voicemail – transfer calls directly to an extension’s voicemail.
  • Increase Favorites – add up to 60 contacts to Favorites.
  • Single Sign-On – use corporate domain credentials to log in.
  • Additional Call Indicators– visual indicators when a call is secure and using HD voice.
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