Host fun Virtual Social Gatherings

With an intuitive and customizable interface, you can create an intimate setting on Hopin that brings people closer, no matter the distance.

Landscape screen showing 5 happy speakers during a virtual social event
Hopin's style interface showing event customization options for logo, event interior color and an Add Session button

Produce events with confidence — and without coding

Organizing a social gathering shouldn’t require a technical background. Hopin’s intuitive layout makes it easy to customize your event and simple for guests to navigate.
  • Use the all-in-one builder to manage the venue layout, registration, ticketing, networking and more
  • Customize colors and images
  • Manage event registrations with the built-in ticketing platform
  • Stream high-quality video and invite all of your guests — whether there are hundreds or thousands

Inspire community and connection

Forge relationships and connect on a personal level. Hopin’s networking-specific features give you the opportunity to connect in small groups and in one-on-one settings.
  • Create one-on-one networking rooms that automatically match attendees for conversations
  • Attendees can set up one-on-one meetings
  • Host group networking with live video
  • Give attendees the ability to create their own virtual rooms during the event
Man on tablet sitting outdoors using tablet attending a virtual event, inset of woman in polka dot blouse
Woman attending a virtual social event from her laptop while laying in bed with her beagle, live event options for Yoga, Dancing and Cooking

Let your creativity shine

Host yoga sessions, cooking shows, weddings or football watching parties. Imitate your physical event ideas and host it all on Hopin to make your next gathering the best yet.
  • Create polls to make your gathering interactive
  • “Bump into” other guests in networking
  • Pin icebreaker questions to the chat window to encourage conversation

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