RingCentral Professional

Visual Voicemail

Gain ultimate control over your voice and fax messages with Visual Voicemail.

Feature benefits:

Respond to messages anytime and anyplace

  • Access Visual Voicemail through your online account, via Softphone, or using the RingCentral®mobile app.
  • Prioritize your responses to voicemail and faxes.
  • Return calls, delete messages, and more from a single screen.
  • Tap to return calls or swipe to delete messages.
  • See who left a message by caller ID or contact name, when they left it, and the duration of the message to prioritize your response.
  • Select a fax to see an instant preview.


Is there an additional fee for Visual Voicemail?

  • Visual Voicemail is a standard feature of RingCentral service and is instantly available at sign up.

Where are my messages stored?

  • Messages and faxes are stored in your mobile account and your email account.
  • Save them indefinitely by downloading or copying the files to your computer.

Can I forward a visual voicemail message?

  • Yes. You can forward any fax or voicemail message through Visual Voicemail.

Will I still receive my messages online?

  • Yes. Faxes and voicemail messages are delivered to your email inbox, mobile account, and in Visual Voicemail, giving you access your messages in whichever way is most convenient for you.

Can I respond to my voicemail messages?

  • Yes. Choosing “Call Back” will make your RingCentral number automatically dial the number of the voicemail sender.