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Frequently Asked Questions

Logistics of service
Can I use my current phone number with the RingCentral service?
Yes! Simply forward your calls to your RingCentral number. Or transfer (port) the number to us entirely. Your existing number will be enhanced with the powerful business tools offered by RingCentral.
Can I switch my current toll free number to RingCentral?
Yes, you can transfer your phone number if it is still with your previous provider and is eligible for transfer. Learn how to transfer your phone numbers
Do I need a phone line or special equipment to make this work?
No additional telephone lines or features are needed to use RingCentral. The unified messaging provided by RingCentral is a completely stand-alone service. To answer incoming calls, you will need a phone with dial tone—that could be a cell phone, your home phone, an office phone or any other existing line. You can also answer incoming calls through your PC with Softphone, a free RingCentral download. RingCentral receives voicemail and faxes 24x7 and saves them to your online account. You can retrieve and listen to these messages directly through your computer speakers. No additional local or long distance telephone features or hardware are required for RingCentral to function.
Can I upgrade to a different service level or change my billing plan at any time?
Yes! You can switch service levels at any time directly through your online account. Any existing payments will be prorated.
Am I charged for checking messages?
You can access your online account and retrieve your messages anytime for free. You will not be charged for having your messages forwarded to your email address(es). Text message notifications to your cell phone are free and unlimited. Calls to a local RingCentral number that forward to voicemail or are answered on your SoftPhone are free. When checking messages or logging in to your account by phone for any purposes, e.g., account administration or using your Virtual Calling Card, minutes will be used.
Using your call manager
How long does it take to activate?
Your account and phone number is activated immediately upon signup. You will receive 30 minutes to use as you wish for free during the 7-day free trial.
Can I choose my own toll free vanity number?
Yes. You can get a toll-free vanity number for your business through RingCentral. Numbers are subject to availability, and the ordering process for vanity numbers takes anywhere from 7 - 10 days to complete. There is a $30 setup fee for ordering vanity numbers. Learn how you can add a toll-free vanity number to your RingCentral account.
Can I record my own greetings?
Yes! You can record greetings yourself by phone or PC, import professionally recorded greetings or use our default system greetings.
Purchasing your call manager
How much do RingCentral services cost?
Service starts as low as $15.99 per month. Please check our pricing page for information about each of our plans.
How are minutes used and how much do they cost?
You will be billed in thirty second increments, rounded to the nearest half minute, for each minute of usage. (A fax uses about one minute per page.) For example, if you’re on the phone for 1.47 minutes, you will be billed for 1.5 minutes. Keep in mind that RingCentral does not double bill for domestic forwarded calls . Additional minutes may be purchased. Please check our pricing page for information. Larger minute blocks are available for our Premium plan members.
Do I “own” my number? Can I keep my toll free number if I choose to cancel?
The number you receive upon signup is your own personal toll free or local number. So long as you have paid for at least one month of service and your account is active and in good standing, you may keep your number.
Will my credit card be charged during the free trial?
No. You will not be charged during the 7-day free trial. You will be charged if you choose to upgrade to a subscription during the trial. You will be automatically upgraded and billed if you do not cancel before the trial period expires.
What is included in the free trial?
You will receive 30 free minutes to use during the 7-day free trial. The entire menu of RingCentral Professional standard features can be used during the trial.
Is there a setup fee?
No. There is no setup fee.
What kind of commitment do I have to make?
No commitment is required. You can pay as you go (month-to-month) and cancel at any time, without penalties or cancellation fees. Annual subscriptions allow you to save up to 33% off the normal month-to-month price and have a one-year commitment period.
How do I cancel my subscription with RingCentral?
Simply call us at (888) 898-4591 and speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives during 24/7 Customer Support*. Please be ready to verify your account number and billing information as it appears on your account.
*24/7 customer phone support available for Office customers with two or more users.
Phone support: Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–9 p.m. ET / 5 a.m.–6 p.m. PT for Professional and Office customers with one user.
Customers with Fax or Professional Pro plans should open a case at https://service.ringcentral.com

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