RingCentral Professional

Caller ID

RingCentral gives you Caller ID tools for receiving calls.

Feature benefits:

Identify callers to your RingCentral numbers

  • Caller ID information (when available) is displayed for incoming calls to your RingCentral desk phone and Softphone.
  • See the name of the person or company when a Caller ID number matches a contact in your account and deliver better service.
  • View Caller ID information from received and missed calls, and return calls with just a click.
  • Create answering rules based on Caller ID information.
  • Customize call handling for people you know, manage calls from new prospects, and screen unknown phone numbers.


What do I need to enable internal caller ID?

  • Caller ID is available to all RingCentral Office customers and works on desk phones, smartphones, tablets and the Softphone.