RingCentral Professional

Call Recording

Record calls live with any of your devices.

Feature benefits:

Instantly record calls on-demand

  • Enabled users can record specific calls they make or receive, at their convenience. Fantastic for conference calls, compliance, and quick reference.
  • As many as 100,000 recordings are saved per account, and recordings are available for download and playback for 90 days.
  • Easily access recordings stored in your account and play, download, or forward as email attachments.


How many recordings are stored, and how long are they saved?

  • Recordings are automatically saved in call logs for up to 90 days, with up to 100,000 recordings per account. You can download the recordings for your own records or for playback in the future.

How does on-demand call recording work?

  • Users who are enabled for on-demand call recording simply press *9 to begin recording, and press the same to end recording.