RingCentral Professional

Call Forwarding

Forward calls with ease and flexibility—never miss calls while you travel.

Feature benefits:

Use Call Forwarding to receive your business calls on any device, in any location.

  • Forward calls automatically to multiple phone numbers, such as an office, home, hotel, and mobile phone.
  • Configure your service to ring your selected numbers in simultaneous or sequential order.
  • Define the number of times a phone rings before calls forward to another device.


How many numbers can I forward calls to?

  • Call Forwarding lets you forward calls to as many as 10 numbers.
  • You can have all phones ring at once or in a fixed order. For instance, if you forward calls to a sales team and one person doesn’t pick up, the call is automatically forwarded to the next person or department.
  • You can change the numbers and the order of forwarding at any time through your online account.
  • To temporarily forward your calls to a new number, you can activate Unconditional Call Forwarding for priority call forwarding by phone and enter the new number. This setting will temporarily bypass your standard settings.
  • To switch back to your previous setting, simply choose another of your settings.

What will callers experience?

  • Callers to your main number (and extension) will hear your professional business greeting and then the Auto-Receptionist will ask them to hold while locating you.
  • If enabled, the Auto-Receptionist will ask the caller to state their name.
  • You’ll hear the name by phone or, if you’re online, through your computer speakers.

Can I forward calls to international numbers?

  • Yes. You can forward calls to any international number using our low international rates.