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Online meetings for team video conferencing

As remote and hybrid working become more commonplace, the popularity of video and audio conferencing is set to grow and grow. Organizations of all sizes have found that it helps a dispersed workforce to improve team collaboration, increases productivity, and reduces travel costs.

However, no business should use online meeting software just because it’s there. If you’re going to embrace the technology, you need to figure out how to harness the benefits for your particular needs.

Secure web conferencing starts with choosing the right tools, but you’ve got to consider how you’ll use them to your advantage. Here, we’ll give you all the guidance you need to make every virtual meeting a success.

Table of contents:
Remote employees using RingCentral Video to start an online meeting

Choosing the right online meeting software

Finding the ideal video conferencing solution to fit your needs will require some research. To ensure you’re getting value for money, consider a package with built-in features like screen share and team messaging.
The software should be intuitive for employees to implement and use and be reliable and of high-quality—you can’t risk it crashing in crucial team meetings or online events and making you look unprofessional. Here are some vital characteristics to look for.

Easy to use

One of the significant benefits of online meeting software is that it increases efficiency, so equipping yourself with a video conferencing platform that is itself a pain to use would make no sense! You need a secure web conferencing app that’s simple and fast—and can be used across a range of different devices, as well as simply as a desktop app.

This is even more important when you start an online meeting with colleagues worldwide or those who spend time on the road. People are busy, and they don’t want to wait for a slow download or navigate complex passwords.

That’s where RingCentral Video comes in. As a browser-based hd audio and video conferencing solution, it only requires you to click “join meeting,” which results in faster and more efficient online meetings. Workers can join or start meetings wherever they are, on any desktop app, Android, or iOS mobile device—and even switch between different devices mid-meeting without dropping the connection.
You’ll still get full functionality, including;

  • HD video and audio
  • VoIP cloud phone system
  • Screen sharing and whiteboard
  • Virtual backgrounds
  • Real-time annotations
  • Cloud recordings
  • Dial-in feature

High quality

When it’s impossible to meet face-to-face, you want your virtual conferences to be the next best thing. Clarity of audio and video is critical, not only for hearing what’s being said but also for understanding the visual cues that help us communicate effectively.

Employees having a video conference via RingCentral Video

It’s frustrating when someone’s screen freezes, or they start to sound like they’re talking underwater. That’s bad enough for conference calling with family and friends, but for business meetings and webinars, it’s unacceptable—so reliable, high-quality online meeting software is a must.

RingCentral Video offers HD audio, video and screen sharing, as you’d expect from a company that’s been providing top-quality communications for more than 20 years. Recent developments include automatic optimization of voice quality based on the strength of participants’ network connections.

All meeting attendees can view and adjust the quality of their audio-video input via a simple icon. Simultaneously, the Network Quality Indicator provides ideal ranges for delay, packet loss, and jitter—so you can spot areas to improve.

Top security

Many companies are understandably concerned about the security of web conferencing solutions. You don’t want business-critical information getting into the wrong hands or a virus causing a catastrophic system failure—and then there’s GDPR to consider.

Choosing secure web conferencing software can take the stress out of security, and RingCentral Video gives users reassurance that their data is protected. You can add password-protection and waiting rooms to video conferences, so information is shared only with those who need to know.

RingCentral Video also meets GDPR and CCPA privacy and security requirements and promises never to rent or sell personal information such as credit card details.

Everything in one place

Holding regular video meetings is a great way to keep everyone communicating and collaborating successfully. But alongside the audio and video element, it’s helpful if your software integrates other business communications like instant messaging and collaboration tools.

There are several benefits to this concept. For example, with an all-in-one meeting solution acting as your contact center, you won’t need to buy and maintain additional apps, so you will save money. It will also help enhance team collaboration, efficiency, and productivity, with all relevant material kept in one place.

Video - Introducing RingCentral Video

If you’re using various non-connected apps, you’re basically siloing your discussions and documents—and that makes it harder for remote teams to maintain context or even to find the item they’re searching for. A previous group chat would not be visible to colleagues talking over a phone system, so the whole conversation would need to start from scratch.

However, if you choose an online meetings solution like RingCentral Video, all communication channels are stored in one central space. It’s a much more collaborative approach, and newcomers can get up to speed with a discussion immediately.


Even when you use a unified communication and collaboration platform, there may still be times when you need an additional app for a specific purpose—especially if you’re collaborating with people outside your organization.

RingCentral Video comes with more than 200 app integrations, including:

  • Google Workspace
  • Microsoft Teams and Office 365
  • Hubspot
  • Salesforce
  • Zoho
  • Zendesk
  • And many more!

How to run a successful online meeting

Once you’ve got the right web conferencing software, effective online events and conference calls should be a breeze. But the tools can’t do everything for you—so here are some tips to help you take advantage of the technology and enjoy seamless communication during important business activities such as virtual meetings and webinars.

RingCentral Scheduler

Before the meeting

Preparation is the starting point for any successful meeting. It’s helpful to send out the agenda and any relevant information to attendees in advance. That way, people can ask for clarification before you start an online meeting.
Another pro tip is to check that everyone has the necessary equipment, like a robust internet connection, a fully functioning webcam and a microphone. Again, do this ahead of the meeting—advise participants to log in early to test the link and the hardware. It’s also worth ensuring everyone knows how to use the conferencing features.

RingCentral Video makes it easy to schedule meetings, invite co-workers and external partners, and share documents via SMS, email, or chat. You can also create teams for internal and external groups. And you can start or join meetings (either 1:1 or up to 200 people) with a click from any message thread.

During the meeting

When using audio conferencing and video communications, it’s essential to be clear about your expectations for the meeting and to stay on topic. Collaboration tools will help you get everyone involved, which is a great way to engage your audience.

With the help of video and screen sharing features, it’s much easier to collaborate on files and zoom in on visual content, and RingCentral Video has several innovative tools to assist you. Teams can annotate files (including images) in real-time, while with whiteboarding, participants can remotely access another screen to share ideas.

There are other handy features, too­—you can choose gallery or speaker view, use low-light mode to reduce eye strain, and switch on closed captioning.

If attendees are out and about, they can join from a vehicle with CarPlay. And people who couldn’t attend can catch up later, with a meeting recording and transcription saved to the cloud for up to 365 days.

Stay secure

We’ve already mentioned the importance of security, and RingCentral Video has added extra conferencing tools to keep everyone safe:

  • Restrict meetings to internal employees
  • Disable chat and/ or video to prevent distractions
  • Pop-up confirmation if the host tries to leave
  • Hosts can assign a moderator to take over
  • Set your own default settings
Meeting host using RingCentral Video to assign a moderator for the online meeting
Respect the etiquette

It’s worth mentioning that online meetings come with their own specific etiquette! For instance:

  • Always dress smartly, even when working from home
  • Test your equipment in advance
  • Look alert and interested
  • Keep eye contact with whoever’s speaking
  • Don’t eat during meetings

Backgrounds are also important—you don’t want piles of laundry or kids’ toys in view. RingCentral Video lets you choose virtual backgrounds or upload your own.

Try to pick a quiet workspace with no distractions. Still, suppose you do find yourself competing with noisy neighbors or coffee-shop customers. In that case, RingCentral Video has a “reduce background noise” feature for video audio (and closed captioning just in case).

Manager using RingCentral to schedule and start a video meeting and use team messaging

After the meeting

After a successful meeting, don’t lose the momentum—keep the team collaboration flowing by sending out a list of points raised and actions to be taken. This is where using a single workspace is invaluable, as relevant information like minutes, meeting recording, files, and tasks are all kept in one place.
With RingCentral Video, you can assign action items in real-time and track the tasks, as well as file sharing in instant message threads. It’s simple to organize follow-ups in team threads and easily find them again in your archive.
There’s also a dashboard of analytics about meeting usage to help you optimize productivity, plus quality-of-service reports so you can troubleshoot issues quickly.

What’s the best web conferencing software?

Great question! Compared to other online meetings platforms, we think RingCentral Video takes the prize. Because it’s an all-in-one package, you’ll benefit from way more features than you would with basic video conferencing solutions.

Those super-useful features are not just set-dressing—they enhance the main video and audio capabilities by making it easier and more enjoyable to run a meeting. The whole system is simple, fast, and secure, and the pricing is affordable, too.

Here’s an overview of what RingCentral Video offers:

An overview of RingCentral Video features
Feature RingCentral Video
Accessibility Browser-based, no download

Join and schedule meeting with a click

Join from any device
Video and audio calls 1:1 and groups up to 200 (unlimited)

HD quality

Cloud phone system
Conferencing features Screen share


Real-time annotation

Group chat
Additional features Integrated team messaging

File sharing

Built-in task management

More than 200 integrations
Security Host controls

GDPR and CCPA compliant


In an era of remote work, online meetings bring dispersed colleagues together and make it easier to communicate and collaborate. As well as helping everyone stay on the same page, virtual meetings reduce loneliness and boost productivity—and reducing travel is better for the environment.
Besides the day-to-day stuff like morning stand-ups, planning sessions, and debriefings, individuals and businesses can use online meetings solutions for:
  • Client presentations
  • Product demos
  • Interviews and inductions
  • Online training and professional development
  • Video webinars
  • Virtual events
Employee using RingCentral on both desktop and mobile devices
Don’t just take our word for it— explore our website and check out the benefits for yourself. To learn more about RingCentral Video’s many features, reach out to our sales team and have one of our experts give you free product demos. Choose the package that’s best for you, and start enjoying successful online meetings!
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