1  The basics

What is RingCentral Office?

RingCentral Office is a cloud-based business communications system with enterprise-grade voice, fax, text, online meetings, conferencing, and collaboration.

With RingCentral Office, you can easily connect your office, remote and mobile employees under one phone system, regardless of their location.

Unlike expensive, conventional phone systems, RingCentral Office is purchased, activated, set up and managed online, which means we manage it and you use it. By eliminating the need for complex hardware, lengthy installation and technical expertise, you get the functionality and flexibility to easily connect with customers without high costs or hardware hassle.

With one flat, predictable monthly fee, no contracts, and zero setup costs, RingCentral Office makes your business communication easy, affordable, and accessible from your home, office, or wherever you need to be.

2  Purchasing your phone system

How much does RingCentral Office cost?

RingCentral Office offers simple, all-inclusive pricing with a predictable low monthly cost.

All editions include everything you need for your business, including a cloud-based business phone system, phone service with unlimited calling anywhere in the US and Canada, online meetings and conferencing, advanced call management, auto attendant, and more. See our Plans and Pricing page for more information.

Is there a free trial for RingCentral Office?

Yes. RingCentral offers a 30-day free-trial to new subscribers. Trial is limited to maximum of 30 users for G Suite Edition and 5 users for Standard and Premium. Trial subscriptions include 50 minutes of domestic calls per user. Any free-trial hardware must be returned within 21 days of cancellation in order to avoid hardware charges.

How many lines can I purchase?

You can purchase as many lines as you need for your business. We have a number of affordable packages to choose from, and additional lines can also be purchased. For additional details, visit the Plans and Pricing page.

To purchase more than 20 lines, please contact a RingCentral Office sales rep at (800)-720-5758.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Simply call us at (888) 898-4591, select option 2 and speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives. Please be ready to verify your account number and billing information as it appears on your account.

3  Your business phone numbers

Can I transfer my existing phone numbers to RingCentral?

  • Yes. You can transfer (port) your existing toll-free or local phone numbers to RingCentral.
  • Complete your purchase of RingCentral Office, selecting temporary phone numbers.
  • After purchase, log in to your account, go to My Settings and click on Transfer an Existing Number.
  • Complete the online wizard for each number you’d like to transfer.
    • We also recommend you set up your RingCentral Office system completely and forward your existing numbers to your temporary RingCentral numbers.
    • This will ensure no downtime after your existing numbers are ported to RingCentral.
  • Status of your transfer will appear in your online account.
  • The porting process takes approximately 2-4 weeks and is dependent on how quickly your current provider releases the phone numbers. Unfortunately, we cannot help expedite the porting process.

Do I “own” my number? Can I keep my toll-free or local number if I choose to cancel?

The number you receive upon sign-up is your own toll-free or local number. If you have paid for at least one month of service and your account is active and in good standing, you may keep your numbers. There is no charge for transferring out numbers. Your account must remain active and in good standing during the number porting process.

Can I use RingCentral to send and receive faxes?

Yes. RingCentral Office Standard, Premium, and Ultimate editions include complete internet fax functionality that will enable you to send and receive faxes from the web, email, or mobile apps. You can set up dedicated fax numbers, use your RingCentral numbers for both voice and fax, or port an existing fax number to RingCentral.

4  Setting up your phone system

How long does RingCentral Office take to activate?

Your account and phone number are activated immediately and your phones will arrive in 5-7 business days (depending on shipping method).

What’s involved in setting up my RingCentral Office business phone system?

There is no PBX hardware to install or technical contractors needed for an on-site setup to start using your phone system. Once you’ve purchased RingCentral Office, it’s instantly activated, so you can immediately receive calls and customize your Auto-Receptionist, answering rules, and virtual extensions from your online account.

We also have Account Specialists available to help you set up your system and show you how easy it is to use the advanced call management features.

5  Phones and devices

What phones can I use with RingCentral Office?

RingCentral Office provides you with great flexibility to choose a phone that the most convenient for you and your team.

You can use your mobile phone, tablet, or computer with included apps for all the popular operating systems.

You have the option of purchasing business-class IP desktop and conference phones and devices for your business phone system.

If you already a have phones, RingCentral Office can be used with most SIP-compatible IP phones. They need to be unlocked by your original provider and will require manual configuration.

Can I use the RingCentral mobile apps with my service?

Yes. All RingCentral Office customers can use the mobile app at no additional cost. The app provides access to your entire RingCentral business phone system, including voicemails and faxes. It also allows you to use your RingCentral number as your caller ID, dial by extension, provides access to your entire company directory, and much more. RingCentral offers a mobile app for iPhone/iPad and Android smartphones and tablets. Download the application for free from the iTunes Store or Google Play.

Can I use my fax machine with RingCentral Office?

Yes. You can still use your fax machine to send faxes (all incoming faxes will be received by internet fax) by connecting it to an ATA and connecting the ATA to your router. You will need to buy a RingCentral Office line dedicated for the fax machine to replace the existing phone line.

6 Analytics and reporting

What types of reports can I generate for my account?

RingCentral gives you the ability to create reports with historical call activities, such as inbound and outbound call volume, total number of calls, information about missed/answered calls, average calls per day per user, times, etc.

7 Need help or support?

Find the answers to all of your questions.

24/7 customer phone support available for Office customers with two or more users. Phone support: Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–9 p.m. ET / 5 a.m.–6 p.m. PT for Professional and Office customers with one user.