All-inclusive cloud business
communications for real estate professionals

Real estate businesses rely on the RingCentral cloud business communications platform
to stay equally connected to their office and clients.


As a real estate professional, you’re constantly moving between the office and property listings and all points between, often working from many locations in a single day. Real estate is an industry where timing and details can make or break an important deal. It’s crucial to have a reliable communications system that is fully mobile and easy to manage to ensure the field stays connected.

Get a phone system for real-estate professionals by RingCentral

Designed for your business

RingCentral’s cloud business communications frees your workforce from the confines of traditional office walls, enabling productivity wherever and whenever.

Truly mobile-ready

The RingCentral Mobile App enables your agents to use their tablet or smartphone to access business contacts, make calls, send texts, receive faxes, join conference calls, share files, check voicemail, and start video meetings.

On-the-go real-estate professionals get mobile-ready solutions

Fax from anywhere

A dedicated fax line with RingCentral is unnecessary. Every phone number is also a fax number, so you can easily sign, edit, print, receive, or send faxes to clients, financial institutions, or the office, and stay on top of your paperwork no matter where you are.

Fax from anywhere, anytime

Enhanced collaboration

Every phone number is assigned a dedicated audio conference number, making it effortless for your teams to join conference calls to collaborate at a moment’s notice. When it’s not practical to meet face-to-face, RingCentral HD Video Meetings makes it possible to connect face-to-face online for real-time file sharing and collaboration, so you can preview properties or continue negotiations no matter where you are.

Easily collaborate with other professionals in your field

Customer insights

"With RingCentral we can forward calls to any device and use the mobile app, even internationally using Wi-Fi, or on airplanes. Most of our agents don’t work in the office, and they need access to voicemail, our office directory, and they really appreciate the fax to phone feature of RingCentral."

Gene Maggio, Director of IT,
Teles Properties