RingCentral Office

Shared Lines

Share a phone number across multiple devices
in your retail business.

RingCentral Shared Lines

Feature benefits:

Easy call handling for retail businesses

  • Ideal for restaurant chains, mid-size retail stores and mid-size grocery stores.
  • Share calls and lines among phone devices, and pick up an incoming call on any phone.
  • No need for call transfers: calls can be put on hold and picked up from another device in the same retail location.
  • Simple phone answering without having to learn complex phone features.

Better customer service

  • No more missed calls from customers. Any available employee can answer calls from the nearest phone.
  • Calls made from the Shared Lines group share the same phone number and the same Caller ID.
  • Share a toll-free number among multiple phones.

Up to 8 lines and 16 desk phones per group, with as many shared-lines groups as you need

  • Easily add a line or phone device in a group over the cloud using RingCentral Web service anywhere, anytime.
  • RingCentral Shared Lines is free for RingCentral Office Edition customers in the US, Canada, and the UK. Shared Lines is compatible with all RingCentral Polycom phones.


Is Shared Lines feature suitable for any business?

  • No. Shared Lines is designed specifically for certain mid-size retail businesses, such as restaurants, grocery stores, and mid-size retail stores. It is commonly used along with paging devices.

Is Shared Lines feature for all retail business?

  • Not for all types of retail business. For example, fast food restaurants, convenient stores, gas stations, and small retailers mostly use cordless phones that currently do not support shared lines.

How many lines and phones can I assign to a Shared Lines group?

  • RingCentral Office supports any combination of up to 8 lines and 16 desk phones per group. All phones assigned in a Shared Line group should be in the same physical address due to 911 emergency service requirements.

How many simultaneous calls can be made to a Shared Line group?

  • The number of simultaneous calls to a group corresponds to the number of lines assigned to the group; e.g., a 4-line group supports up to 4 simultaneous calls (inbound and outbound combined).

What desk phone models support Shared Lines feature?

  • Only Polycom desk phones: 321, 335, 550, 650HD, VVX-311, VVX-411, VVX-501.

Can Shared Lines be used through the RingCentral Mobile App?

  • No. Shared Lines is only available on desk phones.

How many Shared Line groups can I set up within my organization?

  • There are no limitations on the number of groups you can set up. However, all phones in the same Shared Line group must be in the same location.