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Call forwarding

Forward phone calls with ease and never miss a call again.

RingCentral MVP includes advanced call forwarding as part of your service. This allows you to route incoming business calls to any or all of your devices, to any department or any location—ringing them sequentially or simultaneously. Use custom answering rules to route calls based on criteria such as day of the week, time of day, or caller ID.

Take your business anywhere®:

Receive business calls on any device, at any location, anytime.

  • Automatically forward phone calls to any phone number, such as your office, home, or even a personal mobile number to ensure your calls always get answered.
  • Forward calls to any extension, phone number, group, or department simultaneously or sequentially.
  • You can specify the number of times each phone rings before calls forward to the next telephone number.
  • It’s easy to forward calls based on caller ID information, the time of day, date range, and more; ensuring important callers are prioritized and quickly routed to the right person or department.

Call forwarding FAQs:

How many phone numbers can I forward calls to?

  • Forward calls to up to 10 phone numbers, which can ring simultaneously or in the order you specify.

Is it difficult to change the rules for forwarding calls?

  • It’s simple to change settings at any time by using your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • With just a few clicks, you’re able to easily set up and change call forwarding rules for individual users or entire departments.
  • Users are also able to configure their own individual forwarding rules to suit their work habits and schedules.
  • Temporarily bypass your regular settings to forward your calls to a new number, and then select your previous settings to switch back, which is particularly helpful during holidays, vacations, or special events.

What will callers experience?

  • Callers will first hear the company greeting or, for direct numbers, the individual’s greeting, and then the RingCentral Auto-Receptionist will ask callers to hold while the call is connected.
  • If you’ve activated the setting, the Auto-Receptionist will ask the caller to state their name, and you’ll hear the caller’s name first.

Can calls be forwarded to non-RingCentral numbers?

  • Yes. You can forward calls to any number and any device.

Can I forward calls to international numbers?

  • Yes. Call forwarding lets you send calls to any international number using RingCentral’s low international rates.

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