Just say the word with Amazon Alexa

The RingCentral solution seamlessly integrates with the voice recognition capabilities of Amazon Alexa. Now you can conveniently access and manage vital business communications features with voice commands. RingCentral for Alexa streamlines how you access and send messages, while RingCentral Meetings™ for Alexa for Business enables you to control online meetings with any Alexa-enabled device.

Secure voice access to business communications

Secure voice access to business communications

  • Amazon’s intelligent and protected voice control feature guarantees secure access to your messages.
  • Alexa-enabled devices identify your voice and deliver a quick and reliable connection.
  • With a few words, you can easily initiate calls and retrieve voicemails and texts. It’s easy to go hands free.
Voice-activated calls and texts

Dial-free online meetings

RingCentral Meetings for Alexa for Business empowers you to use simple voice commands to begin and end your video conferences and collaborations. You avoid the hassles of dialing into meetings and entering meeting ID numbers.

Amazon Connect

RingCentral brings world-class collaboration capabilities to Amazon Connect. Boost the productivity of your Amazon Connect call center agents by enabling collaboration with experts across your organization.

For information about integrating with Amazon and RingCentral, email: partnerteam@ringcentral.com.

Internal communications control

Your agents can:

  • Browse your corporate directory
  • View presence of experts
  • Call an expert
  • Transfer a customer call to an expert
  • Initiate a conference with an expert
  • Receive calls through the RingCentral mobile app
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