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Engage 55 DECT Dongle

DECT wireless is specifically designed for wireless communications, making it an ideal choice for call-intensive workers who need additional mobility. In fact, the DECT wireless range of Engage 55 is up to 15 times the average range of a Class 2 Bluetooth® device.
  • This compact, flexible USB DECT adapter keeps you connected up to 150m/490ft away from your laptop, and also enables you to easily move about with your laptop during calls. 
  • If you’re working in a busy office, DECT wireless is built to withstand the density of large numbers of people working in the same place, so you’ll get a clear, robust, and secure connection for your conversations.
  • Great durability with a flexible, bendable design, allowing you to move around easily
  • The Link 400 is DECT Security certified. But your data security is our priority, so it also goes beyond DECT Security step C level, with additional military-grade FIPS 256-bit encryption algorithms.