RingCentral Cloud PBX for Microsoft Teams - Service Description

Service Overview. RingCentral Cloud PBX for Microsoft Teams is an optional feature which may be added to your RingEX Services. This feature allows customers to place and receive calls on the Services via their Microsoft Teams application.  Customer must enable Microsoft Teams Direct Routing capability provided by Microsoft.

Customers must have an active RingEX subscription. Availability and use of calling minutes, international minutes and/or other telephony features are subject to the RingEX plan chosen by Customer.

Provision of Service. By adding this feature, Customer directs RingCentral to deliver Voice Services to Customer, via Customer’s existing Microsoft Teams application, by connecting to Microsoft Teams servers.  

RingCentral Network. Microsoft Teams is not part of the RingCentral Network and as a result, Microsoft Teams may not be available at times even when the RingCentral Network is available. 

Emergency Calling. Customer is solely responsible for inputting accurate registered addresses and emergency response locations for all End Points on the RingCentral Services, including the Microsoft Teams application.  RingCentral shall not be liable for any failure of Microsoft Teams or any third-party service providers to route emergency calls to the correct emergency response center or to provide the response center with the customers’ emergency response location.